If zombies could attack YOU.. Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

If zombies could attack YOU.. Tower Defense Simulator

Jordan Stayt
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  1. Wait why is he running this wa- AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. 1st (he said ok because players can respawn)

  3. I think I lost some brain cells after watching this.. lol

  4. imagine if players can kill zombies lol also pin pls?

  5. Can you make more videos about funny tower defense pls

  6. I am going to make what if all enimies can shoot at your base in a nutshell vid now thx for makeing the vid and make me get a idea

  7. I would die by umbra, he will shoot arrow at me

  8. This is just a meme the zombies can’t hurt you

  9. video idea: what if towers could attack zombies. Oh wait..

  10. Bro, this is off topic but FTD has an admin only enemy called "corrupted jaxziar" and the event they are talking about in discord is the corrupted event

  11. Don’t worry they just respawn and fall from heaven

  12. do a video call what if the players can be invisible

  13. If this was a mechanic in the game, axe throw would be real useful.

  14. i like how u did add molten boss got shreded got in 1 shot XD
    1 like = 1 support for noob to be revived

  15. Idea u are the zombie but you're the most broken zombie I kind of don't know what's the most broken zombie so I hope you know

  16. Congrat you're now has lose your brain cells after watching this video

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