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If Trading Existed in TDS | tower defense simulator

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  1. This would just turn it into a trading game and not a tower defense game

  2. Beggers be like: "my time has come"

    inspired by Swaroop Konikkara Thanks

  3. him: i wish i had golden mini and golden scout. me who only has thoose golden towers: ez

  4. This remind me of:
    Vietnam (Pro) Thailand (Noob) Laos (Scammer) Cambodia (Youtuber): FIGHTING/ARGUE

    Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore (all are new, nice, medium level player, mini/medium YouTuber): trade trade trade trade

  5. if trading would be added it would be horrid: u can make a bunch of alt accounts go in a priv server and go to 6 players mode then the other 5 accounts do nothing and the end of the match each account gets gold then u can trade from alt accounts to main and get gold crates very fast. thats my short explanation of why trading is bad.

  6. Hope tds wont add trading system or else tds just will die

  7. Lvl 10-40 players be like

  8. Oh damn I wish this was actually real lol

  9. It would just be full people saying: aBc If YoU hAvE sWaRmEr

  10. me be like seeing green glad me pov AAA


  12. If their was real just give scammers just a scout and you will scam the cammed and also the trash towers in this game

  13. a kid in the chat : plis give me a gladiator i poor please xd

  14. ik im late but this would be good for me, i have about 60k coins in my inv with all gold skins so i could trade the coins for gems and them grind more coins and trade more to get engineer.

  15. If this was implemented into the game, it would make it just like any other generic simulator or trading game. Grind for valuable skins, then trade them. Let’s hope below doesn’t add a trading system.


  17. Bro I though they were giving the hazmat or yellow skin

  18. Me: brain loads while thinking about trading towers

  19. tbh id be begging for cupid accel lol

  20. dwaawdlmkwadmklwdamlkdwmlakmlkwdadmklwmkldwalkmdwamlkdwalkmwadwaddawawd

  21. bro ive wanted this feature for so long 🙁 so i could get engineer and i dont have to grind 42 hours.

  22. Me autofarming on 23 alt accounts at once for every single skin:

  23. Oh no adopt me x tower defense simulator

  24. that would be great,but tiny problem when ppl and someone say "anyone want to trust trade?" they will give out all they gems or just coins or tower and golden skins they would get scam lol

  25. It's like trading simulator but is tower defence simulator

  26. Having trading in tower defense simulator could cause thousands of people spamming things like who wants to trade accel for ranger but if tower defense simulator added trading there would be likely a trade resort for it

  27. This kid : the one who gives me accel will get engineer and commando, just give it first 💀

  28. me on the outside: i can agreed to this
    me on the inside: SCAMMERS ARE COMING.

  29. Some updates bring more problems than solutions

  30. Not fair bc of scammers and every single game has a fricking trade and not like bee swarm simulator

  31. Pros:
    You can trade and find the towers you want
    Getting golden skins, legendary skins, and good towers is easier to obtain

    The chat is filled with beggars
    Cross trading will skyrocket
    Scammers will also start to skyrocket in quantity
    Multi trading (Several trades for a tower/skin(s) which usually result in a scam)
    People might forget about the actual game and just hunt for legendary skins and towers

  32. maybe just trade normal skins not golden that would be a waste or coins

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