if below allows you to sell your tower [In Nutshell] - Tower defense simulator [Roblox] Memes - fantasy-defense.com

if below allows you to sell your tower [In Nutshell] – Tower defense simulator [Roblox] Memes

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  1. You won’t get golden pyro if you don’t buy pyro

  2. Fun fact:tower skins doesn't change its the skin is the same thing like the towrr

  3. wow belownatural so not lazy dev and dont delay the updates XD

  4. If u sell tower u got money back
    Then if you sell persuit u get bobux

  5. I mean, gold crook boss is really not that bad.

  6. This is actually REALLY powerfull u can sell all the tower from golden crate just to get gm or gs

  7. Im so happy that im getting unbanned after 3 days

  8. rn Gold Crook is not underrated anymore its being used my more ppl in eclipse and they learn the true power of gold crook

  9. Me: Wait you only get 2K grom pyro BELOW FIX THIS PYRO IS 2.5K

  10. Golden crook can be used for solo fallen so sell your scout and then buy it again once have gold mini

  11. if he sell crookbos mybe he get robux lol this like robux generator

  12. What happen if you sell crook boss (troll and sus face )

  13. Wait if you sell the crook boss you get 200 robux?

  14. He grind: 1 months I spent all my day
    Me: 11 day

  15. Ah yes the one I wanted to be in game I've been dreaming alot with this selling system

  16. What if we sell crook boss then what he give? 《•~•》

  17. He is lucky because he didnt get g soldier.
    (I got g pyro after that g soldier when they isn't buffed)

  18. Golden crook is good, it he should have gotten golden soilder

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