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If All Star Tower Defense was Made by EA

Extremez – Roblox
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What will happen if EA was the creator of All Star Tower Defense? This video is purely a JOKE, please do not take it seriously, and I guess this could count as an update video?

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  1. it already is like this prty much 1 gem is 1 robux

  2. Player no robux be liek : bruh i want play all star tower defense tf u

  3. Imagine his mom breaks thought the door and say SON ARE YOU USINg OUR BOBUX?!?!?

  4. ik u said don't take it seriously but i am just taking is seriously for some reason :/

  5. to E.A staffs
    bruh e.a your literally billioner now WHY DO YOU NEED TO MAKE PPL WASTE THERE MONEY JEEZ

  6. Imagine press cancel and it still cost $10k+

  7. Dude spending 2000 robux to upgrade goku instead of making a better avatar XD

  8. His moms credit card is crying from all that robux

  9. This game is the cheapies game i need to check out

  10. main uhhh hero? in every single video about if EA owned (game name) : AM RICHEST BOIIII

  11. Bruh what if the next update is is actually gunnna be made by ea imagine

  12. I’m pretty sure attacking EA would be illegal or a fine

  13. So nobody gonna talk about how the game pauses when he purchase

  14. Man EA is a annoying companny cuz they want You to Buy evertyhing to make something

  15. I miss the old titles of the anime characters

  16. สุดาพร อยู่สาโก says:

    Update security

  17. i think astd is already made by EA if u see the capsule not cool

  18. Bro as soon as it said 25rbx to play that's a nono

  19. I dont really cares since all stars tower defense already sux

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