Idle Archer GUIDE (Tower Defense) -

Idle Archer GUIDE (Tower Defense)

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Idle Archer – Tower Defense tips, secrets and hints 😀
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  1. Gold per enemy or gold per level? What is better

  2. i can only beat lvl 19, but i just started today

  3. Basically once you get a few of level in the skill heroic scream you are done.

    Man's dosent nothing

  4. Game is broken once you get a few level in the card " heroic scream" you are basically invincible.

    Mana dose nothing.

    Basically you can just spam heroic scream non stop.

    The cool down is so quick that they enemy is will never reach the tower

    Only thing is you have to sit there and activate the skill every 5 secs or so.

  5. Got to level 400 on all 3 different levels. Key is getting the right cards and unlocking all the slots. U must have Dead Eye, Improved Arrows, and Rapid fire. Also Elvish eyes will help u shoot further.

    Multi shot and Explosive shots to end pushes as soon as they come in. I could have gotten further but had to end it lol. Good luck 🙂

  6. You kind of need health and its generation to be high after level 40, they do get to you

  7. Lvl 34, started to play 2 days ago…4 card slots opened so far….

  8. my basic parameter when start :

    1. damage – 3000; attack speed – max (now 18.2); Range – max (now 18.9); Damage/meters – max 25; critcal chance – max (now 115%); crital multiply – max (now 10)

    2. EXP/ enemy – 6 (up to 13 when battle) ; GOLD/ enemy – 6,5 (up to 10 when battle) EXP / lv -300 and gold/lv – 120

    3. health 6500 ; health reg 115. No need use mana

    4. now I stuck on stage 1020

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