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i WON with NO Towers.. | Tower Defense Simulator ROBLOX

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today in tower defense simulator roblox i have beat the game without using ANY towers. i am the best at tds!! Get your adrenaline pumping with contra 4 cheats online – non-stop excitement awaits.


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  1. Theres a skin called neko to commdaer💀

  2. When he spawned in many towers its like a train o chaos

  3. Alternate title: I broke my wrist spamming !unit [VEHICHLE]

  4. idea: beat molten with only military base and farms

  5. How do you get admin? (I know cringe question)

  6. John sounds like the squirrel in ice aga when the glitchs came 1:51

  7. 😊 Why you want to chat with me😮

  8. If you have enough levels, you can win the WHOLE game tanking the boss, but that would prob require 26000 lvl people

  9. man i wonder how would it be like if humvees are replaced by railgun tanks

  10. it's actually possible to win a mode without admin and without towers, just you need to grind alot, And I mean ALOT of levels

  11. Can you item the next time so you still have it in your inventory?😊😊

  12. the type of lag i have in roblox is when hunvees and units faces the wrong way, way to laggy

  13. Only way you can get that many if you had everyone who ever play Roblox put down five level zero or level one military base 0:52

  14. it does look like its going backwards

  15. bruh u have one tower and that one tower is air

  16. 6000 humvees so that means that fallen king can die by that amount of humvee!

  17. John roblox i know 10 gorilllas 9.9 of them are you

  18. when i clicked on it i thought he was diing unit mark

  19. 8:24 Because the fallen kings stun does 500 damage and the railgun tank (I think) gas 1,200 health so the stomp won’t kill anyhting

  20. After many hours of calculating, you have spawn 48000 humbies I might be off by a bit But that is 2.4 million Damage

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