I used the NEW UNITS to rekt All Star Tower Defense | Roblox - fantasy-defense.com

I used the NEW UNITS to rekt All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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I used the NEW UNITS to rekt All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. We love then when there consistent with the uploads 💕

  2. dude i love you ive been watching you since the starte

  3. claim you're
    "I'm early" ticket here

  4. Low-key uh mob pyscho units are 🤢 I’m not lying but to make the mob pyscho units strong add ray in the game

  5. 11:08 PM??? poor snow…. ik u gotta get on your uploads but dont push yourself too hard

  6. i cant join discord because my accounts keep getting hacked :/

  7. its cool once i get a vid and blond dude is trash anyways lol

  8. Happy to see Rimuru as the helper. Now I will just wait for new dungen to come out and see if she had maxed her Rimuru once again.

  9. Its ok snow you help all of us with your great content

  10. For me only trade is bad thing to add in all star tower defense and thats why i quit astd

  11. Snow are you gonna do the astd awards like you did last year for this years units?

  12. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— i got it from 💜 bestcards.online 💜 "4:10" lDA

  13. snowrbx i was you in the server before you left

  14. hey I have a idea do a army of saskue 6 star and its ok

  15. I got a challenge:The christmas present only units

  16. Oh sorry the units are:
    gray 6 star
    Bumama 5 star

  17. Do an ice cold challenge

    Gray 6 star
    Rukia 6 star
    Akoji 6 star
    Anything else for air

  18. Fun fact: snow went so no halal mode ): (l)

    U could hav sold and replaced ur aokiji (kuzan) for the wave 71 cause the 2 second freeze would hav been enough :/

  19. Yo I have a super rare unit that I would show you (snow) am not attantion seaking how do get in touch with you ?

  20. Snow did u quit dungeon quest? cuz there's a new dungeon

  21. for your information selling 2 = new 1
    if u have 2 icex marrine u can sell 2 for new 1 that will use full

  22. Snowrbx my brother what to tell you can you you’d ice unit only

  23. hello snow

    like for u to play dungeon quest and
    do more noob to godly im enjoying but havent made a noob to godly in a while even tho theres 3 more dungeons

  24. hokaga units only
    hashirma 5
    minato 6
    kalashi 6
    naruto 6
    belmma 5

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