I Used The Best Units Only.. (According To My Discord) | Ultimate Tower Defense - fantasy-defense.com

I Used The Best Units Only.. (According To My Discord) | Ultimate Tower Defense

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  1. I like how after the timelapse you just regretted not bringing a bulma

  2. Damn its been a while since I've watched a video of yours, time flies and now you sound so much more mature! Keep up the good work.

  3. You should use 2 accounts and use the alt account for money

  4. Yeah you’d need a money unit on city on later Infs like ruby palace 1 tsuname can get you like 50k

  5. He meant you dont need money units on ruby

  6. normally people dont bring money units when its a challenge and everything isnt as expensive so they have an extra space

  7. I was doing something last month and I can't play or watch but I am back and every video you do I do a like and your videos are soooooooo cool

  8. It's been a while since I watch your videos

  9. Hi, its me leoWayz I'm the member that has his username as DS2_LEO

  10. this would have worked if it was on space because you get a lot of money without farm

  11. u should have used Todoroki instat of Blackbeard

  12. people kept saying "its a great idea dont bring money units ur units will get you enough money" but they've never tried it lmao
    now they feel stupid but think they've got alot of clout off of it

  13. the stimulus check at this point is giving you more than the whitebeards 💀💀

  14. Yo noodle please can we do a colab for content I am a small YouTuber but i constantly upload and have good units

  15. Kinda cheating to use atleast 1 WB in almost every video

  16. trying to find a new
    meta or you dont have enough money??Equip every unit u want(not farm).Then equip every farm unit in another acc and join inf.Place a unit to make sure you wont die and farm monyfrom the ather acc then send the money to the acc with the units.Do this a few times and boom,youre done with the mone problem

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