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I used ALL HASHIRA on All Star Tower Defense but…

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I used ALL HASHIRA on All Star Tower Defense but…

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  1. He said flower hashira for shinobu when she is the insect hashira

  2. they should make a tan jiro called humble sword-man (SUN)

  3. Shinobu the flower hashira? Isnt she the insect hashira? Or am i tripping?

  4. Sanemi and Rengoku could be story meta for how cheap they are

  5. “I’m 25 but my back feels 45” story of the entire world

  6. Are you over using your back to your wife???

  7. Ichigo is the half shinigame half hollow hashira bb is dark hashira

  8. We NEED Ubuyashiki as a buff unit, that would be so cool

  9. Shinobu isn't the flower hashira that was her sister but she's dead
    Shinobu is the insect hashira

  10. he said rengoku so many times in my dreams i just hear him saying rengoku like oh my gosh XD

  11. shinobu is not the flower hashira kano is shinobu is the poison hashira

  12. I hd Tengen on my old main I forgot to use him for challenge 1

  13. Sanemi 6 star, thats all I need to say

    (And if you ask how we would get it, the devs could maybe make him on the banner for a limited time

  14. Ima be honest I do not remember sanemi being in the game

  15. Shinobu is the weakest hashira tengen Is like the 3rd or 4th weakest but is stronger than rengoku and giyu is stronger than all of those hashiras except sanemi is the weakest astd care to explain?

  16. Hobos be like my back issssss fine bc i live on grass sry hobos 🙁

  17. They should have added a tanjiro 6 star but they made the sun breathing his final upgrade for the 5 star

  18. Correction shinobu is insect hashira not flower

  19. Speedwagon was is the legendary hashira, he can solo the all hashitas, he was the strongest hashira.

  20. I love how they make Tengen the strongest out all of the team😂 but Ik ASTDdevs dose not base it off cannon (bad English


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