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I Turned a Roguelite into a Board Game

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Ever thought about taking a video game genre and re-creating it with pen and paper? Well, that’s what we’ll explore in this latest devlog. Get your meeple ready because it’s going to be one heck of a ride. Unlock the pixelated adventure: Play emulator gier online – your retro playground!

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  1. I don’t see how board games are any more expensive then video games. Sure, super big box complex games cost upwards of $100, but most are priced at $40-$60 and there are tons of small box card games and stuff for like $15. I think board games and video games overall are about comparably expensive hobbies.

  2. Ever thought about releasing this as an online game on steam?

  3. It's cool that you did that, looks fun enough, but it does look like a less interesting version of the classic game Munchkin

  4. I swear to god, when i was in second or third grade we used to play a game that was kinda exactly identical to this just with different monsters and artwork 😂 game was from hasbro if i remember correctly

  5. What did you use to actually make it like the box and stuff

  6. Me with my adhd brain could never commit to something like that

  7. Goodgis, How did you get your cards produced, I was wondering? I'm creating my own card game and am unsure of the best way to package the cards. It looks pretty lovely how you package your The Keeyp.

  8. I just watched this video. Are the physical copies sold out yet? If not, where do you get them from?


  10. No creaste nada nuevo
    Eso ya existía se llama la ruleta rusa

  11. uuuuhhh hey there, 2 years ago when i seed your vid i was so fascinated that i started an comic called "the keeyp adventures", and i can share it with you if you want (it's not finished tho)

  12. It's a less complex version of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Anyone who hasn't played it, look it up lol

  13. I just thinking about this kind of game,
    but not sure if I need to invent this,

    but luckily, I found this.

    Thank you

  14. this reminds me of a game like dnd and another game called saboteur

  15. This game is the best im triyin' to remake with cats and I'm realizing how much work has been put into this.😊

  16. Amazing I aspire to be a game designer/developer I’ve been tryna think of a card game based on the old cartoon Chaotic which they had one but it didn’t feel like the show lol

  17. Wow, very cool 😊
    It kinda reminds me of czech game calle Karak (maybe only because its also random dungeon) 😊

  18. Quite literally a board game that came out in 2015 called Quest for the Lost Pixel.

  19. you could ABSOLUTELY make this into an online game like the pc version of uno please do

  20. Who care about school? Long live board games!

  21. Saving shipping cost by delivering yourselves?! Are u retarded? 😂

  22. I've always loved making board games since I was a kid and i'm happy to see people share my passion👍

  23. Why not just put it up on The Game Crafter or a similar print-to-order service? That way people can get physical copies without having to print them themselves

  24. bro this reminds me of a game called bag of dungeon

  25. Looks like a game that's great for the students I teach

  26. I've not heard of this game but it sounds so fun. I love Haunting at House on the Hill which sounds very similar, where you work together to explore the house in the first phase and the second phase it turns into a competitive gave with either PvP or pve. I'd love to try your game out to see how it compares as in my opinion the combat system in hill house is a little clunky

  27. Me: I wanna play Betrayal at House on the Hill. ):

    Mom: We have Betrayal at House on the Hill at home.

  28. Very cool idea, I can only imagine how difficult it is to get an idea to this stage, and even harder to get picked up by a publisher for a proper run.

    On a different note, whoever is responding to comments on the product page on the firith website could do with some PR training. Some of the repsonses to people by the official account are so blunt and unhelpful that they are verging on rude.

  29. I made my own cardgame a few years ago from a idea workshop I attended. During our final presentation, one of the judges was from a government company that will give seed fundings to startups, and he was excited about my game. Fast forward to almost 7 years now, I never really did pursuit the cardgame. But, within that 7 years of gap, I did get my friends to playtest my mockup and prototype. I think I just might get back on it. I'm also working on converting an existing fighting game into a tabletop style cardgame fighting. It will be shortlived but I am hoping to make it into trial for the real game devs of the existing fighting game to play it. Thanks for making this video, and wish me luck!

  30. Hello, I really fell in love with the game just to realice I can´t buy never ever ever 💔💔

  31. Have you ever considered making a virtual edition?
    It looks like a lot of fun, I just struggle finding people to play with.

  32. I feel like I'm too late to buy it now 😭

  33. Me dieron ganad de hacer esto con GTA2

  34. I want this game so bad right now!

  35. How did you create the first official copy rather than paper? I'm working on a game right now and this video inspired me to make mine look professional. I know this video is over 2 years old and I don't know if Goodgis or anyone else will reply, but worth a shot!

  36. Things on the market weren't enough so you made Betrayal at House on the Hill. A very popular game that already existed.

  37. Do you think you'll make a discount any time soon?

  38. Can you release it globally? Im in another country, so the only solution for is to make my own board game. It is similar to your yours, but I won't publish it. It is for the sake of having your board game😅.

  39. Bro you need to make a expasion. with another theme of map

  40. I LOVE board games but I have a problem, I have terrible luck so I never get the +4 UNO card, I always land in the go to jail monopoly slot and now I never get any chests 🙁

  41. People like you inspire me. I'm making a card game called BIO WAR and am getting close to releasing it

  42. Those hex board kinds of games really interests me 0:47

  43. Congratulations on your success. I make Lego fantasy MOCs and I've got vids about them on my channel. If you're looking for inspiration for a board game, please feel free and watch my vids.

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