I pretended to be a noob then brought ENGINEER.. | Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

I pretended to be a noob then brought ENGINEER.. | Tower Defense Simulator

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Like and sub and use star code e cuz i spent too much robux…
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This is a follow up to my accelerator trolling video (1 year ago) and da money took inspiration from my idea and uploaded a video just like this an hour before me 😐 [dont go hate on him tho instead go check it out anyways tho since da money is cool]

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    Why does it say friend activity and he only has one friend that is his main and the game is “Protogen booping simulator” is elite a furry??? 2:13

  2. I got the raven hood thing so I was like, hmm maybe I should check out the game too.
    But the problem is that I don't even know the basics and I was asking players to help me but I guess they thought I was a troll 🙁

  3. 29 อาณอัฑฒ์ ปาละอาจ says:

    Do you got your money bavk from thos vid alr? Bc like 1.5 mil vive right now xd

  4. 0:58 you just ruined half pfy respect towards you don't say that ever again (but i still get why you said it would make you look more noob i said this just because i like wonning smile

  5. When he said “if you really don’t wanna see pain” I got an add so ya I guess ads don’t want me to see pain

  6. elite knows damn well you can turn cash trails off

  7. 💀Bro get your priorities straight, over here trying to impress ppl with engineer

  8. Y quién es el pedaso arqueado de tu testículo derecho que no ve tus torres equipadas :/

  9. Man, I wish Tower Simulator could collab with Tower Defense Simulator. They end up getting into the same search results. it'd be really funny to see a Brick Tower in TDS…

  10. put the speed to 0,5 to hesr elites real voice

  11. Not to be rude but there's so many things wrong with 0- 2:11. And when I say "things' I mean only 1 thing, HE HAS LIGHT MODE ON

  12. Uhhhhh what was that in the background in the beginning

  13. elite u know tds player now are heartless they dont care about low lvl or they are noob they care about wins

  14. I spent 85$ for 2 golden crates, 50$ aint the worst

  15. It was my birthday today and I have 4 roblox gift cards all costing 10k robux together

  16. whenever i try to do trolling i just do a random normal looking avatar. now everyone suspects bacon hairs and noobs to be trolls whenever they say "can you help me"

  17. Read description btw if you watched da money's video before mine

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