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I played Universal Guardians!! (Tower Defense game)

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  1. I recommend playing another tower defense game called World tower defense, its nothing like universal guardians or anything else. is mainly inspired from battle cats though.

  2. Will you play pixel gun tower defens🥺

  3. I remember when you had to place the towers on the track

  4. U should def play this game on streams. It doesnt delay a lot and they are gonna release an event soon.

  5. i remenber when the lobby before was in space man i wish it backs to the retro one and u could place towers on road instead of like an normal tower defense

  6. I tried it when it came out and it was epic

  7. the Drifter its my friend he want join you but he got unlucky he your big fan! And my best friend😀

  8. Btw harry, I saw you play with broadcaster and if anyone wonders how to get it, it was an event
    tower/gamepass (I have it myself and its pretty good).

  9. Zarko Jabbar Al-Yildislillar Triloka says:

    Hi justharrison it me iyildis

  10. This is a pretty good game nice video also!

  11. Universal Guardians is a pretty decent game! I wasn't a fan of it Pre-Overhaul, but ever since the update I've enjoyed it a ton! It's wayyy more beginner friendly and enjoyable! Can't wait to see what happens with the future of Universal Guardians!!

  12. They changed where the tower are placed last time i played the towers were on the track

  13. Hey justharrison, can you give me the link of the tds testing discord server since the link already expired.

  14. Harry I found a way to fall out of the map and see crate room for a second

  15. Me who hasplayed it ayear ago:i was playing it before it was cool

  16. Hi 😀 nice vid and that raid on Saturday I’m great full u do them because I now have filled an application to be a mod for that yt channel so the and so much love <3

  17. Play universal guardians with shader's/ro-pro IT LOOKS SO GOOD 😉

  18. Idk why but when I try other td game I enjoy it but then I stop playing it because I got bored to it or it's just unfinish

  19. I can't play the game is making crash 🙁

  20. 3 days ago I got accel after 4 hours of suffering

  21. every round the towers get healed from god idk how

  22. Maybe soon there will be a shotgun tower that gives cash idk

  23. i would like you too play retro tds its so nostalgic MAYBE there gonna update it till the 2020 stage of tds the best stage i just want the game too have a lot more players

  24. As a person who was a mobile tester of the old game and person who saw how the base of the game looked, back in the day the money wasn’t split so everyone gained their own money from mobs, it’s like the tds money split.

  25. There's A tower deffence game that is called noobs in combat and it is a grid based tower deffence game it is relay fun and you should try it 😀😁

  26. Wouldn’t it be funny if Harrison did infinite scouts (not the gold skin or gold perk) vs hardcore mode? (i also wish he did)

  27. Hey can you do all of the crook boss vs hardcore justharrison?

  28. Lol i was there in the lobby (username: Sans)

  29. Everything in tds we need and don’t have

  30. Hey Harrison I found a secret in tds the video is in my channel

  31. To heal tower just skip the wave and once next wave start it will go back ro full health and i got the shock train and i have boxer

  32. Hurrison why is your channel in side says profiseonal thats not true johnroblox is not you harrison

  33. The boss is based of the movie “War Of The Worlds”

  34. I’ve played and it’s an extremely good game, great graphics amazing. I’m quite good I’ve got most of the towers in the game everyone should play it.

  35. This looks like a mix with tds and tbz i wnna try it tomorrow

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