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I Played Every Roblox Tower Defense Game

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In this video, I tried playing all of the most popular Tower Defense games Roblox has to offer. There ended up being some really great games, a couple of underrated gems, a lot of cashgrabs, a lot of slop, and a LOT of gambling. Shoutout Tower Defense Simulator, shoutout Tower Defense X, no shoutout for Toilet Tower Defense…

0:00 Intro
0:54 Tower Defense Simulator
1:42 Tower Defense X
2:38 Cheese Tower Defense
3:58 Blade Tower Defense
4:42 Tower Battles
5:22 Base Tower Defense
5:34 Tower Heroes
6:14 Toy Defense/Toy SoldierZ
7:15 Pal Tower Defense
7:27 Robloxia Tower Defense
7:43 Ultimate Tower Defense
8:29 All Star Tower Defense
9:19 Defenders Depot 1 + 2
10:09 Duck Tower Defense
10:26 Tower Defenders
10:59 Typical Tower Defense
11:20 World Tower Defense
12:03 Tower Blitz
12:57 Simpsons Tower Defense
13:18 Circus Tower Defense
13:47 Lethal Tower Defense
14:26 Critical Tower Defense
14:48 Tower Defense Command
15:44 Pixel Gun Tower Defense
16:22 Arena Tower Defense
17:08 El Gato Tower
17:23 Blub Defense
17:38 World Defenders TD
17:46 The House TD
17:59 Furry Tower Defense
19:04 Project Tower Defense
19:14 Floodgate Tower Defense
19:56 Naruto Tower Defense
20:31 Doomspire Defense
21:13 Silly Defense
22:07 Anime World Tower Defense
23:02 NPC Tower Defense
23:14 SCP Tower Defense
23:37 Tower Defense: Mythic
23:53 Cube Tower Defense
24:09 10x Skibidi Toilet Games
24:54 Toilet Tower Defense
26:40 Outro

Music is from Qumu: @qumumusic
Complete playlist:

Additional music taken from the Roblox Paradoxum Games Channel:

Donkey Kong song:

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  1. bro plays a game for 5 mminutes doesnt check anithing at all and gives it a 0 outta 10. Like it has an endless mode wich you really hyped for TDX but in this game its bad? i mean the head developer posts on YT the progression and in like every video he says something about rebuilding the maps reabuilding the lobby. i mean the lobby has chanced like 4 times in the past few month getting better and better. also ye the older towers are… wierd but they are trying to improve on that. also its the guys one of his forst games he doesnt know what hes doing very well and you are just gonna hate on him bc him game is popular like who even are you. Also he can made a joke and ur trashing on it bc u dont like it. i and many other people found it at least funny. He did not expect the game to go this big. And it did so now hes trying his hardest to make the game polished as possible it just needs some time. you dont know that you just plya games ans say ummm i dont like big game big game bad and give it 0/10. mby play it for a bit and dont hate on it so bad if you ever palyed it only like 10 minutes. also u were so wrong by the only P2W crates. I mean if u were not blind you mby wouldhave seen the UI called quest. You can get gems for them and those gems to buy the crates. so it can be P2W but TDS is too. U can have lvl 5 acc woirh accel engi and pursuit turet crook boss and the new tower. so its safe to say that ur trasing on this game bc its more popular then a game you play. Ur wierd. AND the game is releasing endless ranks soon wich you didnt mention in ANY OTHER GAME and bc of that its unorriginal. this video was bad. i mean i like ur TDS videos but cmmon mby play the games for a longer time. Or just do some digging. It seems like the only work you put in this video is play games and edit. wich is not enough. you could just go on the YT channel telanthric and you would know hes activlly trying to fix all the isues and make more content. he is not lazy just unexpirienced.(i deff spelled that wrong but what evr). i mean i kinda wnat to see you try and make a TD game that is perfect like you want it to be. Even if it was perfect to you, not everyone will like it. Thats life. Nothing is perfect. I dont wanna type anymore. The game also has cool events cool bossed interesting mechanics and towers. i mean some units are called titan, so.. tehay are big and ur complaining? can you even read? ok im done pls read or i just wasted 20 minutes of my time and multiple fingers. PLS MAKE SOME DIGGING (not litelary) AND DONT HATE ON PEOPLE THAT JUST STARTED MAKING GAMES. thank you.

  2. Half the games the people who made it didn't even try

  3. also ctd and arena tower defence (it used to be women tower defence) are in my opinion the best tower defence games on roblox

  4. Try Victorn fission very very underated game but go find a yt vid about it so you can find it

  5. Yes sir bro hate ttd 👍👍👍

  6. Critical td is 10/10 it’s gets better the more you play

  7. toilet tower defense deserved that lmfao

  8. Flavor frenzy is rlly good tho, sadly it was missed out istg

  9. You should play goofy tower defence pls

  10. you should play mechacubes, its been abandoned i think. but its one of my childhood games so i think it would be nice for you to visit it

  11. Pretty sad i didnt see paradigm shift: tower defense, maybe it was because it only opened again after the first of april. Its a really good game

  12. And Furry Tower Defense a -9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 lets call John on how made the game(sorry for bad englishe my luanguge isn't englishe

  13. Wtd is hard but its fun! When you become a mid/pro player its actually very fun… Theres ALOT of gamemodes but hey you did review about it… My rating for WTD is.. 9/10
    Maybe too high maybe not

  14. you should play noob tower defense and Atratica defense both very underrated games with nice modeling, animations, and mechanics that makes it unique, its sad no one knows about it

  15. I use to play ttd but now i have sinister Titan tv man wich is like top 5 bestcdps units and now i dont play +go play Skibidi tower defense or Skibidi Defense WICHI IS BETER THEN TDS OR TDX seriosly man go maje a video on it its realy good or go play any papas game

  16. Im pretty sure floodgate td uses a lot of free models because ive saw those models so much i now recognize them

  17. now hear me out, astd is a lil good but the updates are 50/50

  18. I have played all them after I have watched this vid except toilet games

  19. tds may be good but im completely ignoring it considering your literally making money off of playing the game

  20. try Aether rush, it’s a dead game rn and has been for a while but the game is sick.

  21. world defenders was better like 3 yrs ago

  22. What if a tower defense game had one of the best towers which used to be 2999 robux but now it’s 1 robux

  23. Unbelievable. Toilet Tower Defense is absolutely destroying TDS in popularity and player count. And I thought that there was a reason for it to be that. But once I saw the gameplay. Oh my God man. These Roblox players don't even rely on themselves to play games they like. They just want to play a game that is based on this very 2023 meme. Damn this is where things get really bad

  24. Hey propellars go play skibidi defense its the best skibidi tower defense without gambling and good quality

  25. Man those ttd players are kit gonna cry and complain to their mama 😂😂

  26. You should try paradigm shift tower defence i think it looks nice and has a good soundtrack

  27. Wait… the toy soldier games feels like its copied from a different game

  28. i wish you played anime adventures before its closed it was the best anime tower defense game in the roblox

  29. I play doomspire td and tds the same day

  30. RTD deserved a higher rating, first of all its not a slop game. Second of all at the start there was kust one dev who put alot of effort into it just like the devs do now, the game is also kinda balanced. They recently made an egghunt event for it wich was super great and fun, only problem i had with it is that it was just super grindy, i also like the system of the different stages of towers and that you can unlock specific towers or stages through killing specific enemies. Yes it doesnt have much quality but it has alot of passion and effort putten into it with an cool game mechanic.

  31. @propellars there’s a very underrated tower defense game called geometry defense it not the best but it fun to play please check it out

  32. i was hoping for tower galactica and evolution evade

  33. grr you didn't play the 5638646490375037th skibbiti game that number 446825463908946521345654638 on the globle leaderboard htrihiuthguihijfhdhkrfufhuyedkjhrfiuuirfjtghuirfhuiuthiohfy (that's a joke btw) grrrr

  34. you should try paradigm shift tower defense, I think it’s a hidden gem and I think it has some unique stuff and cool lore too!

  35. you did ctd so dirty it goes so much deeper with amazing ideas and sure it doesn't look good compared to games like tdx with an entire team working on it but ctd has so many secrets you know nothing about it you looked at 1 single thing, the "golden hamburger" and that is just 1 little thing that unlocks an area of secrets

  36. As a skibidi dop dop fan i hsgdyfxte hftghg vadyo

  37. Hey i mean atleast Skibi defense is a decent kind of skibidi type of game the quality, no gambling, and chapters and A nightmare version of those chapter i dont care if u hate me its just my opinion

  38. Really upsetting how few of these games had an among us tower

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