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I Played April fools updates in Roblox Tower Defense games (Roblox)

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funny april day

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  1. Bro’s in the past playing td games in the goofy ahh day

  2. as soon as i saw women mode im just

    me: oh cool its gonna be women models

  3. Finally I found someone that play April fool game

  4. Yo the joke for the April fools update in tds is that commander says random things for advice. And that’s basically it.

  5. bro what kind of ripoff game is this to tower defense simulator TDS

  6. Why I didn’t do April fools on tbz

    Reason 1: I’ll disconnected😍😍😍(crash)

    Reason 2: who the heck want to wait their life for a woman skin

  7. grr you didnt play bpvz april fools event it was so cool!!

  8. tds have worst aprill fools update

  9. I beat the arrow in one hour and thirty min its give nothing

  10. In SCP TD calamity mode around wave 20 the game will spawn scarlet king from extreme dif and disappeared in a few minutes.

  11. The tds was the commander dialogue was translated 100 times (pretty cool random stuff)

  12. Fun fact: April fools is technically a holiday where you can do a funny

  13. Bro i beated women mode just need good def and patience

  14. Bobo from evade really be bullying U for picking women as a gamemode

    Arena Tower Defense: The towers are now women

  16. At least tbz is doing the bullying thing tds is a bunch of leftovers from 2022

  17. For women tower defence, it should’ve locked the use of every tower

  18. suggetion for next april fools update in tds: sans skin for gladiator the sword is a bone lvl max the normal bone bacame a blue bone bc the enymies move and in undertale the blue atks only do damege if you move also he give really much damege than normal

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