i made Tower Defense X have Endless Mode.. | ROBLOX - fantasy-defense.com

i made Tower Defense X have Endless Mode.. | ROBLOX

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tower defense x roblox update brings you, endless mode, with new golden towers, new bosses, new power abilities, and a new way to grind!


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. please nerf the cost of XWM turret, the damage to price ratio is insane

  2. مارحابان كيف حالاك (this is how are you in Arabic love from Syria ❤)

  3. Suggestion for xwm turret
    Give her an animation of her fixing the turret

  4. If john uses hees admin ability skiping all waves in endless will hee break game

  5. Day#1 petition for john to make a space battleship yamato themed skin for warship and to make warship shop cost back to 50k

  6. hehheh john doesn't know that belownatural is borrowing the powerups

  7. Time to farm 300 expert maps to unlock new units😊

  8. Alright let’s see the new update.. oh medals.. yo give me 5 days

  9. "Robux is the best deal" say that to your lootboxes John

  10. Basically the equivalent of the tds mega update

  11. YALL, woman loadout exist now

    Cyro Ranger
    XMC Turret
    Operator (Catgirl)
    Sniper (Catgirl)
    Jhon (Jane)

  12. can we have chinese translate for players whose native language is chinese?

  13. Neff MK I combat he spam a lot of shield
    My team make him low hp when he is about to died he freaking spam shield

  14. I got the john eradicator without getting the juggernaut first

  15. Make a golden scout skin for the golden ranger. Please.


  17. John roblox, thx for medal reward system, it helps to grind

  18. Btw yuuktv beat expert mode on deserted island with the new towers

  19. What would've been really cool was like a rebuild anim for turrets like the pilot her self comes out and starts fixing stuff (EX: stick a wrench and a bunch of other tools to her hand and waist, just slowly seeing the turrets lost parts and scars revert into its pristine condition, and then finally back in combat), but that would've been too much work so
    still really cool update, I like how y'all didn't just coat the towers with gold and actually gave them a custom pallet of gold, red, and black.

  20. Hey can you buff Warship? Maybe I’m crazy but top path should gain stealth detection at 4-X or 5-X and bottom should ignore explosive resistance at X-5. Along with that both probably need a slight damage buff.

  21. you conveniently forgot to tell your viewers that it sucked

  22. I’ve collected all the medals in Ancient Sky Island, Danger Beach, Blox Out and other map I forgot. Now, im trying to get the Elite and Expert medal in the new Purgatory map. Btw, can you fix the Disconnecting bug cuz once we rejoin, we end up in another game which is soo weird!

  23. Suggestion:aircraft carrier

    It would only have a few weaponry to attack zombies,but it should have atleast 3-4 skills(may vary per upgrade),these skills should be based of the power ups like the a10 ac130 and others planes

    The carrier also should have unique abilities instead of basing it's skills of purely the power ups,like reinforcements which would drop rail gun troops or a tank to a designated location

    My suggestion for paths:
    Top path should be a normal carrier which would be more expensive carrying planes

    Bottom path should be a helicarrier which would send helicopters to the battlefield but would go back to the carrier after a few minutes/seconds or so to refuel

    Helicopter suggestions(u choose which models of helicopter) :

    Attack helicopter:obvously has a machine gun and rockets

    Support helicopter:heals other towers

    Troopeer carrier:drops troops to the battlefield(troops may vary per upgrade)u can choose where it drops its troops

    That's all I can suggest for now(hope u see this and get a idea)

  24. I still think xwm turret needs a buff on her dps yes the rebuild is good but the bosses still kill her so quick and when she rebuilds she's dead again and it's like 3x more cost than jug and it barely or doesn't even have the same dps as normal jug I got to wave 69 with her and wave 90 with artillery

  25. Yo john can you add a sandbox mode, so we can test bosses and strats out without dying, and do cool stuff?

  26. i bought the speed boost gamepass when it was 850 robux, i din't get anything when it got reduced.

  27. John can you add super secret forest back pls

  28. Will you add MatchMaking ?
    Cause it'll be easier to make teams etc

  29. oh no he added powerups, anyways (proceeds to never use them)

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