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I Made A Tower Defense Game, But YOU’RE a Minion!

Braian Strak
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I made a Tower Defense game where one huge player controls the map by placing towers and using abilities, whilst the little players must all get to the end of the map in order to defeat the huge player!

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This devlog is kinda similar to videos of dani codeparade Barji Polymars Pontypants DevDuck Goodgis sebastian lague BWDev and other game coding youtubers.


  1. Maybe add some sort of ability to summon more like 3 more weaker minions that also try to get to the end?

  2. Idk how to get points to upgrade abilities in minions, and make powers with gigant. Idk is obstacles free or for points, but could you make coins on the road?

  3. Some upgrade ideas for the littles:

    1. Bridge parts: work together to accumulate and protect the bridge.
    There are order of piece sequence for example triangle symbol must follow by rectangle symbol.

    2. Glue gun: temporary disable a tower.

    Ideas for big man
    1. Rolling Boulder
    2. Flat escalator: (>>>> on the ground)
    3. Flowers on spawn room / rainbow on spawn room: increase spawn time
    4. Health regen: the reason for this is because I think the main goal should be establishing momentum for your side and outpace the opponent.
    The littles should gather resources to make their journey faster and faster. And outpace the big guy’s regen.

  4. Pls make the shop area a hot air ballon that the dead people can control to either mess up their friends run or make it harder for the big guy.

  5. You could make a win system every time a player wins a match they will get 1 ultra point ut will be used for special upgrades. Mini people upgrades:immunity 4 levels (1=25% less knock back 2=50% 3=75% 4=90%) then bombs the mini people with be able to disable the towers for a few seconds (1=25% less fps 2:50% 3=75% 4:90% ) 1-3 bombs are availble per round (1=3 2=2 3=1 4=1) and lastly speed just makes you faster- mega people: less placing cost then less upgrading cost and fps bombs(boosts fps)

  6. I have a fun idea about a building the giant player can have q air sweeper like the one from clash of clans if a player comes close to it they get blown away

  7. Maybe you can put single time use items in the shop, like a pogo stick, or launching pad.

  8. it would be cool if the players could stun the weapons for 5 seconds and to get this there's levels in the game and everytime someone gets a new level they get something called a stun gun

  9. An ability for the mini guys to spawn clones that distract towers but can't take lives away when they finish

  10. You should add an upgrade where you can buy pets. These would give you different buffs depending on the pet and could even block bullets for you. You could also add and upgrade where you can disable a tower for any amount of time.

  11. Ok obviously this won’t be done but god damn this game would work so well if the big guy was in VR

  12. Is it me, or does this game kinda sound like GMod Deathrun with added player abilities?

  13. He really made shortstacks as the main characters…

  14. please make a game like this, but with VR support for the big guy

  15. i swear if this is another game that doesn't get released ever like dannys games i am going to be so mad

  16. Give super powers to minions allow em to kill eachother steal maps from gmod death run 😊

  17. Maybe you could have a map (or more) with an uphill climb (like a mountain with a spiral path going around it, where a player could be knocked completely off the mountain and die, or get knocked down to an earlier part of the map

  18. The pain going through making it multiplayer 😢

  19. What if there was a fan tower that could blow players, perhaps with an increased effect if the player is in the air

  20. I'm so ready for this! Just rememeber to have some update ready right after release. This game will blow up, and get insta killed if you don't add content fast. 😉 Liek mapz n stufzz 😉 😀

  21. Can the mini players jump on the Tower platforms?

    How about a target priority system like rogue tower?

  22. you could add environmental traps, like strong winds, tsunami waves, volcano. Maybe Ice fields that are slippery
    Consider making your maps with verticallity in mind. Let minion-players be sneaky.
    And finally 3D

  23. ADD some troll dancing or other animation to mock the rest of the players in the game,

    ADD a way for the small guys to work together like stand on eachothers shoulders or build a human bridge or work together similar to how ants work together

    i can see this game having a ranked system and everything

    KEEP IN MIND fortnite was a joke game at first save the world was the main game i was there during the development of both (not working but as a player) i played from start to finish and that game went nuts bigger than any game on the planet at its peak so just keep thinking like a gamer an add fun stuff man

    with the state of gaming right now being so bad you have a great chance to build a game for fun unlike every game now trying so hard to be a cash cow game for the devs or publisher

    GOODLUCK you have somthing here.

  24. looks fuckin sick my dude looking forward to it
    try not to feature creep!

  25. i think it would we more fair for the small people if there was more ways on the maps to get to the end

  26. there should be definitly ai minions runing like those mini players so a big player have some source of income to upgrade/buy new turrets when mini players gain income for upgrades from reaching chekpoints

  27. YOO can't wait to see some more upgraded that possibly be like nuclear bomb shooter or quad bombs or faster pole even faster pole

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