I Hatch 100+ Turkey Crate! Get Event Mythic In Toilet Tower Defense Roblox! - fantasy-defense.com

I Hatch 100+ Turkey Crate! Get Event Mythic In Toilet Tower Defense Roblox!

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  1. Can you do wheel spin challenge included units, mode and map?

  2. Stone can I gift you the new shield c am?

  3. Next video idea: Event unit only, you can use only Halloween and turkey units

  4. Hello im big fan can you sign my titan duo

  5. Congrats on getting the mythic! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. Blud luck boost not work on any crate 💀🍀

  7. İdk but im crying the people getting mytich

  8. You're shooting like a marushart, well done, I wish you a successful skating rink

  9. Can you play pet sim 99 pls😭😭😭😭

  10. congrats on 20k subs ! also will u sign my utc? (edit: i got uts now but ima trade it for utc tommorrow)

  11. Omg u finally got the new mytgic justking stone

  12. Successful man who never disappointed in us

  13. Hey bro,help me sign My eventory pls name:vibelli5

  14. hey can u sign my large turkey speakerman😮😊😅

  15. If you buy a vip does that mean you can 10 timea crate?

  16. Hey justkingstone I like your video can you sing i turky crate?

  17. hi remember me? im dominator_rence your freind if you remember but im here to tell you that zeynox is just using you yea its hard to belive but trust me hes my cousin we live at the same house he has his own yt channel i know you traded utc,uts,utc again and speaker spiders and he did the same thing to you he ask for signed right? i always hear him talking about you saying ill sign this ill sign that hes videos are doing so good so many views i see cause of his signed units we got into a argument i said that hes using you cause of always signs he said i was using you like huh? then he said you want to be in his vids is that not using and i said thats not using i just wanted to be in his vids cause i was a fan of you and blud says why did you freind him huh? to use him and i said no! i wanted a youtuber freind so i can be special and show it off to you guys! well… that was my original plan until i realized that what i was doing was wrong… i realized how nice you are so i did not continue what wrong actions i was doing but then i worried about your kindness being a weakness like people said dont be too kind people might take advantage of it that was he is doing hes trying to make you think hes you friend hes acting so nice to strengthen your freind relationship with him hes gonna thighten the relationship so close that you woud not doubt him and when he has achive that goal he will stop acting nice and betray you and you'll be heartbroken(2nd senario you'll just be sad and then move on)look im just trying to say be carefull with zeynox dominator out.

  18. I love ur content u can signie my mythiks or my sinister for leg or gems

  19. Sorry im late so can u sign my units i dont havé discord can u please réponse u can say no but COMMENT PLEASE

  20. I opened 30 turkey crate and get 2 chef (no lucky) =))))

  21. I got a ninja cameraman signed by him

  22. Can you do rare only units challenge?

  23. U got scamt I did 7 mythics for 35 creats no adds

  24. How did bro beat turkey town in just 10 mins? Wow this guy is a god at TTD I swear

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