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I got New Towers – Geometry Defense Tower Defense Roblox

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Ayoo I played this shape game Geometry Defense on Roblox today XD. Its a cool tower defense game I had to give it another shot because a few of you had asked me to play it. I’m excited to play it some more and check out the other towers 🙂 If you haven’t played… GO PLAY NOW BOZO! 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful day and take care!

Defend the track with your friends from 25 agonizing waves of various types of shapes coming out to attack your base! On every match, your base has a maximum of 250 Health Points.

Geometry Defense:

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Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. Hey is you again I remember when you play scp tower defense

  2. Im looking forward to Playing with you But it probably Won't Come true Also Nice vid(:

  3. Lets go in the empty thoughts in your mind

  4. Coffee do i need to learn geometry before playing? because the game uses geometry, so technically i have to learn it right?

  5. Noooo,all u need is only Ray blaster,sword,and farm to win

  6. my secret power has been unlocked. getting flexed on!
    Great vid too tho. ur too underrated

  7. Im late but for some reason I cant join games in geometric td. Plz play encounters

  8. and great vid keep up the awesome work and can you play blox fruits or more btd6 that would be awesome!

  9. get ray farm and machinist sword then save money for smasher is best way to beat the game and grind geo cage

  10. Ello, Ello back with more tips about NIC (Yes I'm still waiting for that next video so i can do tips about tanks)
    So let's Learn About Attacks & Defense.
    As we all know, attacks are used to damage or defeat enemies, in NIC there are multiple kinds of attacks going from AT, MG, HE and Ambush. These Attacks are all special in theit own way to help deal with certain enemy types faster,take a Simple Infantry Squad For Example, you have a tank with a cannon and MG, you would think the cannon would do more dmg right? Well wrong.
    Machine Guns or MG are effective against infantry but weak against armored Vehicles, And The Cannon very likely to be Anti-Tank or AT would be effective against other tanks.
    Now Defense, Defense is something missed alot ingame due to there not having any Defence stars existing when you select a unit on a tile, defence have 4 Tiles, Roads which are the Weakest Defence(like cmon who would not miss a targrt in the middle of the road), Plains which consists most of the map, Trees which are obvious to spot, and mountains and buildings that give the best defence, a example of defense would be having a Tank in the Middle of the Road compared to a Tank in the trees, the one in the would take a hard hit compared to the one in the tree's weakened hit, Now you might be wondering "What Counts as a Road? " well Good Question because Roads are Tiles where your vehicles will have a movement boost, a Roads Tile would take only (in my guessing) 0.50 Movement Points than the Plains 1 Movement Point.
    Wow I Wrote a Entire School Essay of NIC Tips, if only i could do that in school

  11. Charm pieces are used to buy charms in the charm shop (the level 10 required shop) and using charms buffs tower stats and some new charms which do special buffs will come soon

  12. You copied my strategy but without the trapper and geo

  13. No I miss another video why and I add friend you I'm the guy with the black hat

  14. Hello,I want to tell you that you inspired me to become a yter lol and it’s sad that I can’t usually like see these vids early cuz I’m in another region…

  15. Hey Coffee, whats the best tower to use in geometry (am noob XD, i started like 4 days ago but im busy doing school)

  16. I'm kinda late sorry can you play tower defense floppa edition and I'm a little tiny bit sick

    And I wish I had tips like the other person but I don't have tips xd

  17. Hey coffee Im find cool shooter game with scps they name "scp daybreak"pls try it + there secrets things they giff you badge I find 2 from 5 or 3 I don't remember but pls try this game

  18. YES evolved hammer down is getting added next week.The game updated and professor is now 9000 COINS. I guess your going to return to a tower you never use.

  19. this guy is the best at almost all unique tower defense games

  20. coffee I have a suggestion- can u do a money build in SCP tower defense? bc ik just what towers for it 🔥🔥

    coffee machine
    hammer down

  21. Your loadout is better than me while beating rng mode

  22. Hi i been watching you for awhile so i just subscribed im just wondering if you could add me it's ok if not I'm fine 😀

    Edit:Can you make more scp tower defense videos and noob in combat videos?

  23. Yoo I’m back (finally) sorry for the long time for not coming I’ll try to comment and watch your new videos!

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