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I Got 50K Coins And Spent All In Toilet Tower Defense Roblox!

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  1. i have ur dark speaker signed

  2. a random turkey playing games /turkey gaming yt says:

    I have a signed unit of you

  3. My question is how he got 2 mythics before getting any legendary

  4. Instead of using ninja , use dark speakerman for nightmare mode

    Instead of palm paradise map use toilet HQ map



  6. I wish I could farm like that but I don’t have spider tv

  7. FINALY ALL THAT GRINDING FOR 1 week i think good vid

  8. Bro dont blame nightmare for being too hard just do nightmare ij toilet hq theres a way to solo toilet hq with spider tv in 17 mins

  9. Hey, bro! I would like to make an animation for you to order, how can I contact you?

  10. Its cool seeing so much mythic i wish i had one 🙂

  11. Can you give me 1 mytchal units usn: thewasutapa77

  12. ณัชชา ภูลายดอก says:

    Can you sign my units?

  13. the video is good, i guess im so lucky to get a mythic in 3k lol

  14. Can I have 1 jetpack And plunger camera Man pls my id systemiiiop

  15. idk if this is begging and it prob is but can u give me one laser cameracar

  16. Hi can you sign my unit plsss😢 I sub and like video

  17. Cuz I got 100kdps per 5 unit so and it takes so much to kill it

  18. I will trade you a titan speakerman signed Justkingstone for a mythic, do you accept?

  19. cheaper build to win hard on camera hq science.laser add titan tv or helicopter speaker to got no lag if u want auto skip

  20. моя мечта 100 подпищиков says:

    I have your sing TV man mifik

  21. hello hello again just checking up on ya my brodi

  22. Kingstone im the guy who got scammed remember? You gave me that ninja for free

  23. Yo nice pulls i also have 50 k so i hope im lucky to like you

  24. Hey dude wanna grind with dinnerbird for the next update the new mythic we are tryna get when the update comes btw NICE vid

  25. Honestly i didn't expect this kind of vids but there amazing i watched 3 vids you earned a sub!

  26. Hey king stone I just subbed with notes on and a like can I have a mythic 🙏

  27. Can ha give me a cinemaman or utc i got scammed from mine

  28. I’m subing nice channel I have 2 mythica

  29. Pls give me epic plsse name bomer2ace

  30. Bro what would be fun though is if you did a video and you told people what to do like sell your mythic that would be so funny

  31. How I got it was I was trading glitch for something good then I saw that cinema signed by you and I just had to get it

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