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I Found Roblox Tower Defense

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I played the roblox tower defense and it was a lot of fun!
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In this video I play Roblox game called “Roblox Tower Blitz”. It’s basically roblox tower defense where the main objective is to place towers like in bloons tower defense game… Except it’s roblox and not baloons.



  1. If you get sharpshooter have one top upgrades only and the others bottom path ONLY no top path upgrades cause if you get bottom and top the Molotovs will cancel the fire damage of the top path guy

  2. Im terrified of every Jameskii's roblox video thumbnail recently. They're all the same except for the color of his shirt…

  3. So… I can tell for sure that this footage is like half a year old. Because one of the maps is from halloween event.


  5. Ik ik good vid but i want right 2 fight on roblox

  6. jameskii if you think this is fun you should try all stars tower defense XD

  7. Is jameskii going to stop laughing in his thumbnails

  8. To clarify why the crossbowers weren't targetting the flying enemies, it's because it only gets the ability to bounce towards them from a ground enemy

  9. One day he will run out of colors

  10. I would recommend Arena : Tower Defense, it's in beta so it doesn't have as much as critical, but it is another really cool roblox tower defense

  11. You should consider playing Tower Defense Simulator it’s a even better

  12. tower blitz is very high quality but not very popular. im surprised jameskii didnt play tower battles or tower defense simulator

  13. YOOOO! This is so fire! So happy to know James played Tower Blitz in the Halloween Event when I did aswell! Tower Blitz is a magical experience for first hand players, especially if played after the bad side of TDS (Frost Invasion). Love these vids!

  14. There's a whole bunch of tower defense games on roblox I think tower battles started it all and it has a fan game called tower battles: Battlefront which makes you play the tower on a open map, you can play as a zombie also

  15. hi pro tbz player here glad you liked the game ok bye

  16. i went into a game and it was randomizer and i got 100Mil health and that is big luck BIG

  17. Tro Tower Battles, TBZ and TB are practically brothers at this point. Just don't play TDS and it'll allllll be fine…

  18. This game is a rip off of a roblox game called tower of hero's

  19. Tower blitz is the best and most balanced tower defence game on roblox


  21. No joke but tower biltz is worth to play, The game has potentials both quality and fun gameplay also the game is not p2w they even sell skin for free you just need to play challenge

  22. Literally every video you make is a fucking banger I love your videos and I hope I can meet you sometime

  23. Ngl, when I read the title, thought it would be TDS lol.

  24. personal opinion: TDS is a one of the more terrible roblox tower defense games, same with all of the anime ones and ones with gacha mechanics. too much grinding that takes too much time, and for TDS specifically only like 5 devs work on it (there are devs besides the main two, i forgor (💀) the name of all of them though. devs barely update the game, too few devs, too many bugs as well.

    there's a bunch of less popular ones that are super good that i think you should check out though if you make another video.

    Specific mentions:

    1. World: Tower Defense (not to be confused with World Defense, World Defense sucks), W:TD doesnt have a specific track, enemies just walk towards a base you have to defend. towers can be placed anywhere, but have a specific amount of HP and can be killed by enemies. No hidden enemies, but there's flying enemies that can only be targetted by snipers and a few other towers.

    2. Universal Guardians, the game has multiple maps and tracks of course, but theres 3 total tracks on each map, and over the first few rounds enemies come out from each entrance, starting with only 1 area to defend, then 2, then easing into 3, and using all 3 for the rest of the game. Most towers can also only be placed on the path and yet again have HP, they dont permanently die though, they just stop shooting and enemies can walk through them for a bit. Cliff towers are the only towers that can be placed off the track.

    Pretty sure neither of these have robux purchases, but UG might.



  26. finally, a kinda big youtuber plays tower blitz. tower blitz is the best roblox td game in my opinion and ITS WAYYYYYY to underrated. itll get a lot more people playing now, thanks james 🙂

  27. Oh god, I remember playing this game and my friend and I completely broke it with a combo of towers

  28. Only game that i grind for, somehow is still fun even though i defeated expert mode so many times

  29. Go to tower battles, then to tds, then to tbz, and we'll all be satisfied (I never played tbz but I find it better than tds, that I played a lot)

  30. I love how he talked about killingone of the strongest boss of the game just to kill ignitus

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