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i bought the WORST tower defense games..

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tower defense simulator looks like a master piece to these tower defense games that i found that cost actual money

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  1. So, jhon, you're an tower roaster? Well, you look more like a goddam TOASTER haha, ez(its a joke pals)


  3. tower battles winter event 2022 is comeing soon so be sure to play it when it comes out

  4. Are we gonna ignore the fact he said DOGFOOD

  5. Play tower blitz in roblox it’s tower defence game

  6. I love u videos pls can u help me in the new event and getting Accel it's super hard I've been watching u for 1 year and ur the best tds youtuber tower defense simulator or tower delay simulator lol

  7. Pls play btd 6 you will ( probably ) like it

  8. Bro there's a free version on mobile 🗿

  9. So when youa are a kid you play btd . I even play the game

  10. bruh theres better version of the first game on mobile its random dice and its free lol

  11. Bruh I literally saw a mobile version of this and it’s for free. so if you for some odd reason wanna play this game for free, get your phone out

  12. idk why u eat in the videos but it makes the videos way better idk why

  13. i think this is just a ripoff bc theres a mobile version of this called random dice
    it was more complex then this and its free
    so ye i think poker td is just a ripoff

  14. tds looks good in comparison to this stuff, which is real sad.

  15. Yo john the shirt ur wearing is the shirt I wear to school, bed and stuff

  16. Respect that he actually bought its

  17. Go to math playground then search up cat wizard defense. Tds but cringe cat

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