I BEAT Round 999 in Bloons TD 6, This Is How I Did It. - fantasy-defense.com

I BEAT Round 999 in Bloons TD 6, This Is How I Did It.

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I BEAT Round 999 in Bloons TD 6, This Is How I Did It.

I’ve been trying to beat the last round of Bloons TD 6 for a while now and I finally did it. I beat round 999 in BTD 6 without cheats or hacks. I believe this is the world record for the highest round beaten without hacks which is truly awesome. If you want to see more Bloons TD 6 or other Bloons TD games let me know down below!
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  2. This is one of the most legendary videos of all time

  3. He did it he did the thing that you can’t do with 100 mods

  4. Don’t be thinking ur content is actually trash it’s Amazing so no one should deserve this type of hate from people us YouTubers don’t deserve this hate we need to be kind respectful and be nice to people and don’t think of those hate thoughts just not everyone should deserve this well these haters and be determined to win THIS! Thank you thank you.

  5. I’m seeing those two years in the future end it still brings tears to my eyes

  6. Dont Listen to This trash ! You are Amazing

  7. I can only say one thing or two don’t let others bring you down and that you are my favorite btd6 youtuber

  8. Once I did a run using nothing but villages, Banana Farms, and Tack shooters, and I managed to get to round 134. And the MVP of that entire endeavor was the Inferno Ring. It with the buffs from the top path of the Village, is a DDT VAPORIZER

  9. don't let them bring you down you are good at the game

  10. The TRUE legend in this video is your computer's gpu. To have animation that smooth, with that much going on… requires a video card that us mortals can only dream of.

  11. 7:03 those people are all wrong. Your content is amazing 💜❤❤

  12. tewtiy you are proably the best bloons TD6 player I've ever seen

  13. Ur the best i cant even beat round 250 and u can beat round 999 holy wow🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥳🥳🥳🥳

  14. you deserve the oposet of what the discord people said but yes youtube does make people lose braincells but you are the best youtuber ever ryan you are amazing 😀

  15. bro tewtiy has a pizza underwear😂😂😂

  16. The thing that he went through all of that is heartwarming your main problem would be DDT's but I respect you and always will good luck

  17. Good job man I like to see someone achieve the go

  18. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  19. I wonder how much easier this would be with paragons nowadays.

  20. bro your the best bloons yt ever dont let those other pepole get to you your the best bro you really make my day

  21. This was amazing I was inspired by you to play BTD congratulations🥲🥳🎉😊🙂🤗👍👏

  22. Hey everybody, I heard some of my fans were spamming the Discord server. That's not cool! If you harass people you're just as bad as anyone who hates on me. We should be supportive of the Bloons community, we don't need to tear anyone down. Be friendly and spread positivity 🙂

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