How would extra waves look like? | Tower defense simulator (Roblox) -

How would extra waves look like? | Tower defense simulator (Roblox)

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  1. Imagine an infinite mode and every 20 or 30 rounds a boss spawns and when you beat it you can replay the boss with anybody else who has beat said boss
    I just want to actually beat frost spirit and see what fighting umbra was like

  2. commander dialoge

    wave 51: what……. were not done yet!
    wave 54: NUCLEAR FALLEN KING!? Put in ALL your defenses in this menacing foe.
    wave 55: this doesn't feel right
    wave 68: come on… one last wave!
    wave 69: your kidding.. i give up

  3. I think a round 63 with circuits and unknowns from btd3 will be very funni

  4. i were more time watching how he plces the ranger rather than the explanation

  5. I think wave 100 should have 3 void reavers to tank hp then send in 2 Frost spirits 10 health cultists and circuit spam while putting stun abuse enemies in the back such as frost hero, vindicator, raider boss, ducky doom mech

  6. To bad retro tds got hacked and the game now

  7. I have a good idea for your channel what about you make a series of different boss in tds fight if you can make it though if you can pls make

  8. I think this sounds like a good/cool idea

  9. Is anyone even talking about the swat van going crazy lol

  10. it would be cool to add like an endless mode with hc enemies and bosses and stuff

  11. Wait eventually the void reaver would kill the players because he throws his sword to the base

  12. Tho cool not very fun as hardcore on average a single game lasts for about 50 minutes to an hour and something like 100 waves is easily going to be going be about 2 hours and with no real way to speed things up, I don't really think anyone would sit and play a game of 2 hours without a rest which is what BTD6 is good with.

  13. I feel like wave 100 could have been like this:
    So you have a creator spawn, then a bunch of Summoner Bosses to summon enemies to help the creator, and then some vindicators to stun the towers. This is boring, so let's put health cultists and circuits in. Around 1 health cultist is enough as the amount of HP the creator has is huge. Then we could also include high HP bosses which have annoying abilities, like the fallen king to stun every tower. Then we could spawn 2 Jack-o-bots because of the spawns it has. And then with the stun abuse we could spam a bunch of souls to really mess around with the player, like 100 in a group. Then we could add very fast hidden enemies, which don't exist. For example: This is our enemy, Hidden King. It has 100K HP and average speed, and it is hidden. This could force the player to use towers like the Turret and Golden Minigunner to take this enemy down. Then we could make a Templar with a bunch of circuits and a stomp to force the player to use military bases.

    I feel like that could make a REALLY difficult wave.

  14. Um sir do you know event bosses in btd6

  15. Yeah well arena tower defense has unlimited waves if you go on endless

  16. this HAD to take a LONG time like LONG LONG time

  17. They should add endless mode for high level players

  18. what game is that not tds but that 1

  19. when you sayd fallen …welp no there arent 40 there are 41(hidden wave)

  20. Maybe somebody has already said this, but I'll say it here.

    These "new waves" would be impossible.
    Now, let me explain.
    So you know how there is a placement limit of 25? (I think)
    I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this, but I'll just continue.
    SINCE these waves are progressively getting harder (lets say wave 100 has 100 frost spirits) you just won't have enough firepower to take these absolute units down. instead of 8 accelerators per person it would have to be 80-160 accelerators and a tower cap of near 1000.
    I know these numbers sound ridiculous, but (lets say 4 people place all their accelerators and the accel limit is 80) 320 accelerators WOULD BE NECCESSARY to beat this much HP. Literally you would need 320 accelerators to beat something with 100M HP.

    All I'm saying is that you NEED MORE TOWERS to actually beat these insane waves.

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  22. imagine a gamemode that says survival and it goes on to see how long you last right!

  23. why is it balloons instead of enemys 🤔(not when he said about btd6)

  24. add increasing health and speed
    it's not going to be in special gamemodes and maybe hardcore

  25. For April 2023, I think there could be a heavy dmg tower like 5k dps with limited 8 but lot of 100k health zombies or 3 nuclear fallen kings

  26. I disagree, below would make it impossible since he lazy as heck

  27. Round 500 7736 frost spirits 97873 raider bosses 1000000 circuits 750 nuclear monsters 6757 creator bosses 1500 void reavers and 1 abnormal

  28. 3:27 of course it would be harder the circuit have the same health as the void reaver

  29. i feel like waves would eventually start spamming stronger versions of event enemies and just ramp the health of enemies, like a lord sinister with 2 million hp, or that there would be themes sort of like what arena tower defense does, but instead of just a themed boss like a themed 10 waves, so maybe it summons a bunch of ice themed enemies and frost spirit at the end of the 10 waves

  30. If there were inf waves their would be no tower placement and the map would be biggrr

  31. to make it a bit more balanced, add 1 more space for placement and every 5 waves increased limit for limit towers such as accel or turret

  32. Unrelated subject, I recently played a rewind to 2021 aight the frost event in a fan made game and it’s ending soon. I also realized that maybe it would be better if paradoxum re made the game itself because being level 0 again made me realize this : I’m never playing a rewind tds game again and I’m just gonna hope below hears my praise

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