how toxic gunner was made (in a nutshell) | tower defense simulator -

how toxic gunner was made (in a nutshell) | tower defense simulator

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  1. Lol so toxic was Made by mini+soldier+toxic=toxic gunner

  2. Toxic gunner is copy of top path glue monkey from bloons td6

  3. toxic gunner lyrics be like : NOOB SO BAD TRASH IMAGİNE BEİNG A NOOB

  4. The history of toxic gunner: soldier fell on toxic and became toxic gunner that its 🙂

  5. Which one is better

    A. Gladiator
    B. Sledger
    C.Toxic Gunner

  6. pyro:*puts the Music Bring him down*
    every frost enemy: I think I hear something

  7. The toxic gunner pic on its setting is from soldier

  8. can we ast about solider being nice to mini and mini being ruding saying haha wh is useless

  9. Lmao i thought toxic gunner was a fusion of soldier and paintballer ._.

  10. This is the second meme i saw and made me play TDS

  11. So in other words Toxic Gunner is there…..


  12. Max toxic gunner should have the same firerate as max mini and keeps on firing because it's obviously that he has a minigun

  13. Soldier and mini own the body now toxic has 2 souls what a great deal for toxic!

  14. BRUH i always pick molten lol

  15. Is it just meh or T-gunner looks like it got parts of mini gunner and accel

  16. itss actually soldier and freezer and mini gunner and green scout

  17. you only made this video cringe with the voice effect youre using

  18. I always thought it was militant and acidic pyromancer

  19. makes sense because the firerate of normal toxic and upgraded one is the same as soldier and mini

  20. Tell me how to make me then!
    Because I am the most basic person in TDS!!!!

  21. +some radioactive ☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️

  22. I think how toxic Gunner is Made Its bc soilder swear so bad

  23. Fact : toxic gunner is highly inspired by bloons td gluegunner i think???

  24. he is using racial slurs instead of bullets , that's why he is toxic

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