How to Solo Triumph Insane/Fallen (Tutorial V3) | Tower Defense Simulator -

How to Solo Triumph Insane/Fallen (Tutorial V3) | Tower Defense Simulator

Extremez – Roblox
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My editing software is finally fixed! As my last “updated” solo tutorial expired really quickly (again) after the wave bonus nerf, highly requested, here is version 3!

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  1. me:sees that holiday archer kill slow all of them so easy with just one shots
    me:thats the most op ever
    railgun:i got replaced ;-;
    me:no you all good c:
    railgun and holiday archer:yey
    btw thanks for the strategy

  2. Back then people place level 0 farms now they place level 1 farm's

  3. Hi i from Indonesia sorry 10 months ago 🙁

  4. I dont remember what this map was called but I loved playing in this map. Anyone remember what this map was called ?

  5. me: cool a tutorial to triumph solo!
    Me: sees his inventory with holiday archer

  6. old outlaw: has camo detection*
    new ranger: i dont see any hiddens

  7. Good times when fallen was so easy that duo can beat it….

  8. hardcore update: this strat won’t work cuz i cant read

  9. Anyone else come here because of their love for the old tds the purple laser of outlaw the earrape shotgun of golden cowboy and old outlaw auto hidden detection?

  10. When I see this video : 🙁 I want golden cowboy back I remember I can use golden cowboy to spawn camp them

  11. I want the old tds 🙁 who wants old tds?

  12. Good ol days when i watch this guy
    Im here when he have 1k or 2k sub idk

  13. Now it’s way different
    The fallen guardians have 80% Defense and can LITERALLY RUIN YOUR GAME if you don’t kill it fast enough

  14. Ah what a great times, i was watching this vid after hardcore update… for what? for nostalgia… i loved our old tds….

  15. Breaking news, i've come to say that tds is now diferent, hallowen is currentely a rlly hard event, wich u get executioner tower that is now better than gladiator, also theres a new christmas tower, also its 2022.

  16. I remember using this strategy before hardcore update.good times

  17. Me watching this in 2022 where exetremez doesn’t post tds content anymore

    “Don’t be sad its over, be happy it happened.”

  18. Back when fallen guardians werent so tanky-

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