How to make a Tower Defense Game (E01) - Unity Tutorial -

How to make a Tower Defense Game (E01) – Unity Tutorial

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Learn how to make a 3D Tower Defense Game using Unity! In this video we create the foundation of our map.

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Learn how to make a 3D Tower Defence Game using Unity. All code is written entirely in C#.

Difficulty: Intermediate.


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  2. You're so nice!

    Also you deserve at least 10 Million subs

  3. If anyone is here and cares to answer, does this tutorial still work, specifically in unity 2019.4.18?

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  5. thank goodness everyone voted for c sharp. if not brackeys' tutorials would be useless now; there is no more javascript

  6. even when I'm not working on unity i listen to these videos because of how good your voice is

  7. I might make a tower defense game where its 3d you can stay in 2d and let them all be bots and place then that way ir after there are a few take control of one and you can rotate and shoot and you can change to the other towers if you have multiple and to place more you exit the tower and place it

  8. Him: You can make your own level, do your sorta thing
    me: copying his hexidecimal for his material colors

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  10. I'm working on a mac on the new version of unity, I see different things in the project section when he's dragging into their, where do i put it? 3:23

  11. I am here again after forgetting to save my project

  12. I have a problem; whenever i try and delete a node, it says i cannot do anything to nodes under a prefab. Anyone know how to fix this?

  13. i realized brackeys quit while watching, and i almost cried

    i'll miss you

  14. Hey, how do I make the cubes move magnetically when I drag them? Because whenever I drag them, I have to manually edit the spaces to make them even..

  15. Time to make a game about fancy rats destroying household objects with military grade weaponry

  16. I hate this guy so much and i have no idea why

  17. i am using a older version bc when i downloaded i didnt get to choose not from what i could see at least and some things where different but i managed to figure out things and now im at 12:31 when im writing this and i think i have learned very basic stuff on the building part of unity so i could probably build some simple stuff if i wanted too and im probalby gonna do that even if its not for the game i might just build something for fun and see how different shapes work and maybe learn a bit on my own

  18. i wish you learned a tower defense that was free placement without a grid bc this is probably gonna be a grid

  19. can anyone tell me how do i import his GIT to my unity properly? when i tried, the cubes are missing only the assets are there.

  20. Is there any way to make a decent grid without manually placing blocks?

  21. Idk why but this tutorial reminds me a lot of Mobile Legeds Chess TD. Looks like Moonton have watched some tutorials on how to create their game 😀

  22. Knowing how this goes, there's probably going to be some big way-too-hard-to-fix problem that gets in the way of trying to use this to actually do something. But hey, I might at least learn something I can use. Hopefully.

  23. how to rotate the scene camera? if i press Q and RMB it makes me zoom in and out :VVVVVVV

  24. is posibile after finish this game to post it on app store and make money with it?

  25. Even your 5 year old videos are useful and awesome. Miss you every day!

  26. почему у этого дерьма 11к лукосов?

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