How to get your first *GODLY* in 2024... (Toilet Tower Defense) -

How to get your first *GODLY* in 2024… (Toilet Tower Defense)

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Today I will teach you how PROS get Godly Units Fast in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense!!

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Here are some of the games Details!

🧪 SCIENTIST CRATE (Scientist Cameraman, Large Scientist Cameraman, Engineer Cameraman) + Ninja Cameraman added!



🌟 Step on a platform to start a match of Toilet Tower Defense!
⚔️ Place cameramen and other units to fight back against the toilets!
🏆 Beat waves to win, or play in the endless game mode!

Some common game categories associated with this type of game are:
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Hopefully that will give you a good idea if you are brand new to this sort of toilet tower defense game!

#ROBLOX #ToiletTowerDefense #TTD #skibiditoilet

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  1. I traded My Upgrade Titan Cinemaman with UTC and UTS, For Signed by LTkrazy Upgrade Titan Cinemaman

  2. Hey LT I spent 2499 Robux So I get 20k Coins and at the 6 time I got the old godly

  3. how do i enter give away im using a iphone 6 and i dont see the button

  4. Hey LTkrazy is there the values for the new year crate yet, because it could really help with trading them.

  5. Can I get a frost dj speakerman pls enderdragon100765

  6. I joined the giveaway for them the upgraded titan camera man signed😊

  7. I only had to spend three hundred coins

  8. How do I get one that someone scammed me from back?

  9. nightmare mode with dj and santa are ez in toilet hq

  10. I love your videos LT Keep up the good work!

  11. Bro DJ plus Santa is auto skip nightmare

  12. Easy way: have a nice friend (I GOT ENGINEER FOR JUST A UTS)

  13. must be nice to have a godly i got scamed andni dont have anymore unit

  14. Can somone tell me w or l trade i traded an engi for chef spider tv and upgraded titan tv man, W or L?

  15. The battlepass gave so much boosts when ur level 50 no need to buy stuff I got a godly 2nd try without wanting it I wanted the new mythic to trade cuz I had 1 already W vid tho

  16. if i afk in afk farm do i disconnect?

  17. I will know nobody’s gonna like this:(

  18. I got the godly for the summoning only 900 coins

  19. Seek_theNINJA

  20. Hi lt, can u sign my unit, i want from common to old godly, but im stuck at 4 legend. If u sign my unit it will be my best day ever, because when i trade i always cancel when i want something 🙁

  21. Bro spent over 100 000 coins rip
    I did not even spend 10 000 coins and got one

  22. Ass soon ass I sar this vid I was like na me do it then me get to somen 20 boom get 2 godlys

  23. I can easily beat nightmare on auto skip with just dj on toilet hq that woukd be better

  24. Me I subbed and like And I'm a big fan my user is 111xheyt or jake_gaming100

  25. Just get some luck in spin or trade for it🗿

  26. username: game_on553
    I have gone for so many giveaways!

  27. I only have 30 coins I can't wait to keep doi g this constantly cause I just spend the coins and plus I have a bad computer

  28. I got the godly in 4 spins with luck boost hell yeaa

  29. they are telling 8 mythics and deal and some adds plz see my comment

  30. Man i just got scammed for my chef tv man ik no one gonna cares

  31. Basically people buy UTC for like 15 k or something

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