How to get "The True Limit" with 4 towers (Arena : Tower Defense). -

How to get “The True Limit” with 4 towers (Arena : Tower Defense).

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This strat is not very simple tho.


  1. strat doesnt work anymore cant make it past wave 4 lol

  2. Note: You must turn on auto start for time saving.
    -Turn on auto skip, place a fire fox and upgrade it to level 2 as fast as possible.
    -Place down Hayaka.
    -Place a level 0 tech (don't upgrade it).
    -Upgrade fire fox to level 3.
    -Upgrade tech to level 4.
    -Place a beacon and make sure all your tower is in beacon's range.
    -Upgrade beacon to level 3.
    -Turn off auto skip on wave 40.
    -Use Hayaka's ability when amored beefy is in both fire fox and tech range.
    -Upgrade tech to level 5.
    -Get one more level 4 tech.
    -Upgrade fire fox to level 5.
    -Use Hayaka's ability when the first huge void come out.
    -Upgrade the 2nd tech to level 5.
    -Use fire fox's ability at wave 65,70,75,79.
    -Place one more tech and upgrade it to level 5.
    -Upgrade beacon to level 4.
    -Place two more level 4 tech.
    -Use "Overdrive" when massive void's armor broke.
    Good luck using this stratedy.

  3. Can u help badge "too easy" , "All For One, And Only One" I have tried many ways, but still no success

  4. It works for me just fine. Now I only need World Leader Union Badge

  5. I'm so dumb I thought the beacon was a Christmas themed farm

  6. I lost on wave 42, is it meant to be Master or Apocalypse

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