How To Beat Graveyard On AUTO SKIP! (Toilet Tower Defense) -

How To Beat Graveyard On AUTO SKIP! (Toilet Tower Defense)

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Today I beat the new Graveyard map on auto skip using 5 pretty common units as well as using a very complicated strategy in toilet tower defense which is a game in Roblox made by Telanthric

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27 Steps
1 place down pumpkin farmer near start
2 place down pumpkin farmer near start corner
3 place pumpkin farmer on the corner where you’ll have 3
4 place 1 scientist near the mech palce
5 place down the next 2 pumpkin farmers next to the 3rd one
6 place down mech cameraman so he can reach 3 sides and upgrade
7 upgrade mech cameraman
8 place down 1 scientist near the first then 2 scioentists near 3 pumpkin farmers
9 upgrade mech cameraman
10 upgrade all pumkin farmers one time once the mech kills enough money
11 upgrade 2 scientists 2 times
12 upgrade mech cameraman
13 upgrade 2 lvl 1 scientist 2 times
14upgrade 1 pumpkin farm to max
15upgrade next pumpkin farm to max
16upgrade next pumpkin farm to max
17 place down mech by the edge and upgrade him to max
18 upgrade far pumpkin farms to max
19 place down UTC and only upgrade him til hes max
20 then give him a medic and place down another utc until he is max as well
21 then place a third utc and upgrade until he is max as well
22 then sell the medic and move him so he can reach all 3 utc and max out the medic, then sell a mech and place a fourth utc in range of medic and upgrade til max
23 then place a 5th utc in range of medic and upgrade til he is maxed out
24 then place a second medic in range of all utc and max him out, sell some scientists to start placing more utc in range of medics and upgrade til maxed out
25 sell another scientist and place and upgrade utc again til maxed out
26 turn off wave skip on wave 49
27 place last utc and upgrade as much as possible



  2. I liked and subbed thx I was struggling before with this but now I won

  3. This guy is one of my favorite ttd youtubers I mean he's just that good, hope I can see the day he becomes a partner

  4. I got to wave 50 and beat it with This load out, PUMPKIN FARMER, NINJA, JETPACK, MECH, UTC. i placed 2 mechs for stuns and lots of dmg. 0 ninjas, I used him for early game. I placed about 6 jet packs. Placed 2 pumpkin farmer for stun and money. Then for the last 5 storage I had, I placed 5 UTC’s. I was about to die against the pumpkin boss but then I removed a jetpack and placed a mech to slow it down and killed him. Took 1 hour since I really didn’t auto skip

  5. A ☠️ toilet damage base for only 50 damage☠️

  6. Hey BananaBlox could i be in a video with you doing graveyard or any map?

  7. bros can talk about toilets for 12 minutes straight

  8. Lol you get 200 candy for the first one then he do the second one and he only got 197

  9. U sound like caboose tv and he also wears banana in fall guys

  10. nice job i don’t have utc and pumpkin farmer j have upgrade titan tv man and no pumpkin farmer

  11. Lol i have only pumpkin farmer mech and UTC

  12. There's no way that there's an actual channel that unironically makes videos on this game


  14. hey bro can i ask a question, can u do it with laser car instead with mech

  15. Reason why UTC is better than corrupted

    (Don't get me wrong I like UTC better than corrupted cameraman)

  16. who think hes gaining subs really fast forget baout the name btw

  17. Hey BananaBlox Could you make a vid the same units but without scientist??

  18. Straight up one of the worst starts ever ._.

  19. I wish I had at least one of those troops

  20. Hey thats my strategy haha but in tpilet hq

  21. I Don't Have Pumpkin Farmer and scientist also the utc and mech i have medic

  22. Yo it wont work if you have a old laggy pc only good it if you got a decent pc

  23. the annoying part is i cant auto skip mostly cuz i keep disconnecting

  24. people who had their 3rd pumpkin farmer trying to max get stunned forever👇

  25. This helped me so time to sub and like and put the bell😊😊

  26. This is actually so cool, Also if you really want to get a lot of candy, make a new acount to do this, you can get 2k from the rewards of a new account, trade the crates you buy to your main and then repeat, just save up crates and use a luck boost all at once


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