How the Gladiator Became the Most BUFFED Tower - Tower Defense Simulator -

How the Gladiator Became the Most BUFFED Tower – Tower Defense Simulator

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In this Tower Defense Simulator Video, I go over the changes the Gladiator received which took it from being terrible, to amazing.

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  1. Keep going bro, your doing great at content

  2. To bad it became belows cash cow I’m glad that I bought it when it came back on sale for first time in two years

  3. I know this is not related to the vid but I just wanted to say thanks for the coin and gem afk grinders. Got 10k coins in an hour.

  4. This video is actually pretty good you got a sub

  5. 😍😍😍😍Remember me when ur famous omg🥵🥵👌🥵👌👌

  6. There is an alternate reality where commando is the best event tower due to the multiple buffs it got

  7. i bought the gladiator gamepass back at 2021 purely for the reason stated at the end of the video, it really is fun to use

  8. i wonder when will below realize how trash slasher is

  9. Can you make a video abt the origin of the blue head

  10. U are really underated, literally idk why u dont have 1k sub

  11. Do you think there's a possibility that gladiator is gonna be on sale this year?

  12. Sword fight on The Hills be like😂😂😂

  13. Sword fight on The Hills be like😂😂😂

  14. It also had an indirect nerf before. Back in early 2022, commander didn't get a bugfix that helped gladiator and ranger get a quicker fire rate, back then the lv5 gladiator with ability+cta swing rate was 0,05. Overall the commander bug fix made gladiator ability less effectively

  15. Your gem grinding script doesnt work

  16. also a fact the gladiator is on late waves THE BEST mystery poper to end waves faster also great at doing som funny bs i like to call hord of 20 glads

  17. How to get this tower(the gladiator) in 2023 as a new player

  18. I will tell u about the old gladiator it sucked in every way possible 3 abilities but sucked man that shit was garbage

  19. What was once the weakest, became the strongest.

  20. "sword fights on the hills" ☠

  21. In the end he said “this video took lots of time too make” boy the only part that took long was your editing no offense😊

  22. The 2019 frost blaster needs a buff. It’s such a garbage unit both early, mid and end game

  23. Btw they only buffed it so they could sell it that makes me mad cuz i got gladiator the fair way and i hate the tds devs for being greedy

  24. i got this tower for free but then i lost my account that had the glad 🙁

  25. Imagine gladiator is free or has the event brought back it would be vey nice START A PETITION

  26. You forgot about talking about how bad it is the range of it so it only has couple hits on the mobs

  27. So being better than accelerator in dps is ya but because of his range accelerator is like 10 folds better

  28. when will they add swordmaster badge skin 😩

  29. Frost blaster: i got nerfed too i need buff

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