How much damage can ONE tower get? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX) -

How much damage can ONE tower get? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX)

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  1. I thing why I hate accel is that…

    I never grind for it

  2. one thing i like about elite is that he somehow manages to solo fallen on accident

  3. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w x y z

  4. What happen if elite do seek music (ROBLOX DOORS) + accelator

  5. How do I get to level 50 as quick as possible

  6. dude this guy has super secret power tds hacks

  7. when you the reworked cowboy doesn't come out :/

  8. The best thing about accel is when it’s attacking it doesn’t need to reload because it turns and it just turns

  9. This video was really good but it was Clickbait Because it said it got 1.4M When it only got 300 and something thousand damage

  10. fun fact: back when holiday archer released, someone got 367k damage with it

  11. @Eite what are ur PC specs, just wondering.

  12. He is gonna retry this on Polluted 100%

  13. "We're about to have 69k damage on this accelerator, that's a nice amount of damage to have."

  14. if only you knew commander barely effects accelerator

  15. It's crazy how my ace reached over 20000 damage

  16. Why does lvl 5 accel do 25 damage while mine does 35

  17. Actually, it could've been 400k or a little bit higher if you got accelerator by wave 7 or wave 8

  18. Elite forgets how much range commander has and the dps of acellrator

  19. I remember my accel did 178945 damage

  20. what if u try this today on polluted wateland 2

  21. Accel suck when it’s low lvl and there’s not a lot of them

  22. Bro, use admin commands. Get a max accelerator on wave zero and do it on polluted wastelands 2

  23. You can also just get farm,medic,accelerator,dj and commander, just put accelerators at the end of the path, and you can heal the accelerator so it doesnt get stunned that much to deal more damage

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