How many waves are there in PVP Mode? | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox) -

How many waves are there in PVP Mode? | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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  1. I hope they keep the spawner tower attacking others, it's a unique feature

  2. also one more thing: the losing is based off HP, so if he has 100 and you have 60, he'll win because he has more HP. And the tank is probably a troll.

  3. They should really make it like hardcore and it eventually turns into random spawning enemies beacause loosing beacause you had low hp at the end of the game is dumb,the point of early game in high level games is to farm eco with minimal ammounts of defenses which means to loose some hp this just makes the game way less chaotic

  4. i think you can do a lil bug when the normal boss spawns like spam zombies to ur enemy so it just goes on you cant prepare but ur enemy can

  5. I did it for you in total 25 waves so basically it’s easy mode but your against your opponent this time instead of helping out

  6. You lost because your base had less hp

  7. There’s people who are able to do a glitch and let the other competitor get way more zombies 😭 happened to me 5 times smh

  8. I think it PVP got removed cause when i went to TDS i couldnt see PVP so it probably is in testing or its just my ping or it actually got removed after the PVP gamemode got released.

  9. I alredy did get to last wave

  10. I hope they will add more waves in the future. IMO it would be cool if it had infinite waves so that the game would end only after one of the teams lost

  11. It's testing so there will be more in the future

  12. You lose because your base had lower hp, it does not matter if you killed gravedigger faster then ur opponent

  13. I hope they add this so basically if your unit made into the enemy entrance they can go to your enemy enemy entrance

  14. The end bringer : welp, let see my copy

  15. Already know this but still watched cause yes.

  16. The waves was like 25 and nothing change at all

  17. i tested it with someone πŸ™‚ its basicly easy mode

  18. i was searching for how many waves in pvp too, glad that you making video

  19. 1:52 I think wave 26 might start when you have same HP as your opponent
    maybe the tank is used a tie breaker (coul you check it?)

  20. I dont know if anyone else is experiencing this but when I send my opponent breakers and they kill the first layer of the breaker the blue breaker also spawns on my side, happens with all the type of breakers and also necromancer skeleton spawns

  21. It's probably because your base health was low and that's why the mode didn't continue because spawning it tanks with your low health base tell the game to not continue. (Source from someone that told me they played wave 26

  22. One thing that they should do for the future instalment is to add cooldowns for enemy spawning.

  23. We be fighting 5 void reavers on wave 69πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  24. Maybe you lost due to having less base hp

  25. They should add more waves also endbringers gaming.

  26. what they should do is like btdb2 where it has a certain point when the round is too high it just spawns alot of strong zombies and basically the end game

  27. 25 it is easy mode plus if both win it counts as a win for both players

  28. im pretty sure if both players have the same hp the waves contine js like in btd battles

  29. you join me in pvp then left for no reason

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