How I killed molten boss in 1 second.. | Tower Defense Simulator -

How I killed molten boss in 1 second.. | Tower Defense Simulator

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This was crazy lolll! Lets get 4k likes and also use star code E!!!
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  1. Imagine that vs grave digger 💀💀💀

  2. its kind of an clickbait. it taked 6 seconds

  3. Are we gonna get it's remastered version in 2024?

  4. ah the good old times i miss it all when the game was actually fun

  5. Me and bro onliy accel but we beaming molten onliy us

  6. Man doing this in update normal mode boss has 15k hp

  7. i'm pretty sure that in pw2 kills the boss in first loop… like that dps was just insane… and without engineer! keep it up making quality content, unlike some others that just are tds content creators for money (wikiacolors)

  8. Bring ranger next too cause it does a lot of damage at max level

  9. Nah he disappeared faster than my dad 💀💀💀

  10. My record is 13 seconds for the molten boss and 6 seconds for the grave digger and 42 seconds for fallen king

  11. at this point, whats the point of life to molten boss

  12. I’m sad they removed mega servers

  13. Destroyed. Evaporated. Obliterated. Eviscerated. Decimated. SYNONYMS

  14. Molten boss died faster than my mum calling be a disappointment and my dad leaving for milk but seriously mega server should come back >:(

  15. people who want the base hp to be the combined of every player:

  16. 2024 Redo?
    – Engineer Got Released + Buffed 2024
    – Minigunner Buff
    Accelarator Changed

  17. No way that thi map has been removed like I cant believe that its 2024 now

  18. Accelerator: ha cha-cha (accelerator gun turning on) Molton alive, and now he’s dead and this is how I’m gonna beat hard-core. Cha-cha. soon the badge will be mine and then I can flex it all the time. that will make me happy happy unlike you. oops time to descend so Tootoo. I make a live things Dead and bosses deceased and this is how I’m gonna take it all. And this is how I’m gonna take it all. AND THIS IS HOW I’M GONNA TAKE IT ALL.

  19. Very late comment but in todays tds accelerator has 284 dps and engineer has 370, engineers limit is 6 and accelerators limit is 8. So in a server of 6 as mentioned in the video you would have a total of 48 accelerators, and for engineer a total of 30. Not to sound like a nerd but 30×370(engineers) would give you a total of 11100 total dps and with today’s accelerator, 48×284 you would have a total dps of 13632. So if anybody could find a way to possibly get 6 people in one server and mix engineers with accelerators you would have an insane total dps of 24732(unless im wrong). I would also like to mention the old engineer with 454 dps which would be 454×30 which is 13620 dps, basically the same as accelerator. Which when combined would give a total of 27252 which is still insane but this comment is mainly to show how good the original engineer was. Some might disagree but i personally think engineer should be reverted back to normal with its shields and its current SELF damage(basically the damage of the engineer alone). This would make engineer the way it should be giving it a total of about 465 i believe.

  20. His hp left quicker than my dad left 😂😂

  21. neco djjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  22. The molten boss’s health dropped less faster than my dad leaving 😉 (im def okay)

  23. Ranger after rework and 6 players match making glitch💀

  24. Man i miss the square around around the troops

  25. @EliteElite umm acctually the g mini have a rev time of 1.4 seconds and Accels have one even longer so that not possible hecker (read this in the most annoying voice possible and this is a joke)

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