How I got Level 200 in TDS -

How I got Level 200 in TDS

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I tried to get enough experience in tower defense simulator to finally hit level 200! This entailed the use of accelerator, golden towers, and even randomized towers…



Music is from Qumu:

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  1. I've been playing this game for the past 2 years and im only lvl 72

  2. i dont even grind that much i have 166 levels and i only played a few months lol

  3. 2 year experience and Still a lower level than me?Thats a good look for me.(No hate)

  4. I only played for one year and My lv is 267I joined in frost invasion

  5. Now you can do the gmini only challenge

  6. I am level 507😂😂😂😂😂😂you are bad😂

  7. Lmao I made a duo fallen strat that's faster than quad fallen

  8. Amazing job. I’m at level 198 and for my last game to level 200 I want to beat a fallen game

  9. Level 202 a couple levels higher than you, your level is still really high though.

  10. I love the videos but I just realized that he put splatoon music and love it

  11. whoever edits this mans videos, GOD DAMNNN
    it makes the videos SO GOOD 😀

  12. am lvl 255 but i never play for months cuz i am focus on game development (am working on a game)

  13. as for the 3rd loadout let me clarify some stuff. first off paintballer, while dealing good early dps it falls off pretty quick so i can agree, ace pilot on the other hand nah, as its more cost efficient than pursuit and while pursuit is a generally stronger tower and stuff it usually isnt as good. as for normal cowboy while its not nearly as good as its golden version its still really good for producing money early on while also defending. exe idk bc i dont have him. still love your content and editing style, youre very underrated tbh

  14. I am level 206, but started to play TDS because of the "Tower of Eggs", lol. But, after playing it for a quit long time, it became my favorite experience in Roblox, together with Arsenal, Counter Blox and *BEAR.

  15. Lvl 200 players are just a big flex or you've been playing this for many months/Years

  16. I started in 2020 halloween level 205 but how your level is lower than me your a original?

  17. Propllars There new Trailer on TDS Channel
    its a- im not want do spoiler.

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