How I got an accelerator on round __ | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX) -

How I got an accelerator on round __ | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX)

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Pls like this actually took forever



  2. Couldn't you sell the golden scout at wave 6 so you COULD place an accelerator at that wave

  3. Can you like you episode 30 when you only use account

  4. How have I just found out your username is "NO_SCREENSHOTS" it's actually gud

  5. Maybe I’m the only man, who don’t get accel yet :/

  6. You can use cowboy to get more money,but it depends on the map structure

  7. Bro How he Got Mouse Pointer Like an Aimer?

  8. Im not that "TDS kid" (No offence to anyone) I really like your videos, I see how much work do you put into them

  9. You do 8 level 1 farms then get 3 level 2 farms

  10. You should of made your early defense a cowboy (not golden) for some extra money.

  11. As soon as I wanted to click off it said "you better still be watching" immediately went into fullscreen

  12. 0:10 "and then also something that is really strong for its price" golden scout 💀

    bro that shit expensive

  13. You could of gotten accel on wave 7 if you sold h scout

  14. I usually get all lvl 2-3 farms and place accel on wave 10 on quads😅

  15. step 1 place 3 farms lvl 1 (upgrade 1 by 1)
    step 2 get teh first farm to lvl 2
    step 3 upgrade the 2 farms to lvl 2
    Step 3 upgrade 1 farm to lvl 3 and place 1 farm lvl 0
    Step 4 upgrade another farm lvl 3 and upgrade teh lvl 0 farm to lvl 1

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  18. Bro couldev used cash to place 2 farms

  19. How to get maxed accelerator on wave 1 first step become admin second step get 100k moneys with command third and final step max out accelerator

  20. I thought the thumbnail was pyromancer

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