How good is this old OP tower now? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX) -

How good is this old OP tower now? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX)

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  1. Which is Ace pilot much better that Pursuit???

  2. I feel like turret is better than pursuit

  3. I used ace pilot ranger and supports and got to wave 40 solo

  4. You used militant for ranger that's why ranger won but you didn't do the same for pursuit

  5. Hopefully retro TDS adds helicopter and gives it the old stats that had that would make a new experience for new players who have not reached level 100 and even if they have they might have not reached it in time to figure out if that it was good back in the day

  6. Pursuit lvl 100 tower: does 80 dps. Ace pilot 1500 coins tower: 160 dps

  7. Below after watching this video:
    N, O. PERIOD.

  8. They should make the PURSUIT TOWER do 10 damage per shot and 30 range. And also be more used and updated more than the outdated PURSUIT we have right now

  9. Mortar should be the level 30 tower
    Crook boss level 50 tower
    Pursuit level 75 tower
    Turret level 100 tower

  10. Also I use this loadout to solo molten: g cb, mini, pursuit, DJ and farm

  11. Remember the good ol days the archer would annihilate troops, great for early and mid game. Now it's complete dogsh*, sad to see a good tower go like that

  12. this thing needs a buff

    lvl 5
    bullet damage from 8 to 11
    missile damage from 6 to 16

    lvl 4
    +Hidden detection

    it well have like 126 dps in this case so it well be at least good

  13. If pursuit has 6 rockets each 30 damage 6 x 30 is 180 then 180 x ten because how much pursuit that’s 1800 in just rockets now each rockets dose 5 damage 5×6 = 60 x10 300 that’s four times less then the original damage buff rockets to 15 damage for pursuits can be even used

  14. Basically I'm late here but pursuit is good for slow enemies. (my opinion)

  15. pursuit should do 12 or 14 damage per bullet and 35 missile damage

  16. I remember when people were head over heels for someone with pursuit

  17. Pursuit might not be very good.but combined with ace pilot is really good

  18. Isnt persuit just a copy of ace pilot bc you can win with ace pilot tho you can also win with persuit

  19. This nerf is not the worst in tds (in my opinion)

    I think yhe worst nerf was commando.

    He was from best tower in game to worst than a normal scout in a blink of seconds

  20. pursuit was balanced quite nicely before, now its just too weak. like why would anyone use it??
    its not the best for early defense nor can it do heafty dmg late game, and yet u need to be lvl 100 to get the tower

  21. let's be honest there was no such thing as a bad tower in 2020

  22. i want the pursuit's missile damage increase to 12

  23. Good would be to make the pursuit similar to ballons td, it defends where you click on the map

  24. pursuit is not better than ace pilot in before but pursuit has better missles

  25. i did this on abandon and i could have won but the fallen king summoned fallens a 5k hp

  26. lol pursuit got buffed and its very op now

  27. Yahoo it got buffed now. It's a s tier tower now. It was like c tier to s tier

  28. Elite talk below buff pursuit? Why below nerf pursuit buff below???

  29. Bro you want your base to take damage bruh i just keep my role on tds not losing health

  30. i think if there is crowd on the map that is bigger than any other one on the map it should shoot a rocket or rockets at the biggest crowd

  31. I was able to solo fallen with pursuit, mini, dj and comm.

  32. The main problems here is here it targeting.

  33. They need to stop nerfing it, its a 100 lvl tower, it should be crazy powerful as a reward for grinding up to that level.

  34. Imagine comparing a level 12 tower to a side ability… (war machine sentries)


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