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Hidden Wave Triumph Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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Hidden Wave Triumph after update in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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  1. I imagine they practice badlands fallen

  2. Him placeing ranger but not accel triggered me WHY…now I understand why he did

  3. Frost hero more health then molten add more health then mech rot

  4. Until I see physical video evidence someone can beat fallen badlands in it's current state
    Fallen badlands is IMPOSSIBLE bc of the nerfs it's barely playable anymore too

  5. Bruh zombie just being bully by electric shocker

  6. People say all the tds players have the soldier
    Btw this is a joke
    But thats not true cuz i don,t have the soldier

  7. Electroshocker is basically the starter version of accel

  8. You got the golden virus you have to much golden skins

  9. Yo how fast mechanical rot went down cause of rangers holy

  10. Can we get a rip for all the zombies that got killed from ranger

  11. Can tel me when have 1000 how day wil take to gate ranger

  12. hey can you upload a video to how to solo fallen mode with accel?

  13. yo no nesesito comentarios de como pasar falllen ya me lo pase

  14. My ears were hurting so bad because the rangers AHHHHHHHH

  15. I congratulate the ranger spam and the ranger stacking. I did that with my friends like to months ago and won. See? HW ain’t that hard if you actually think abt it. 😅😏

  16. Wait is the Hidden Wave Using All Old Event Zombies Even The Frost Invation Frost Hero

  17. I like how they add golden towers at first

  18. dude stop placing rangers place accel instead

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