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Hidden Profile Player in Tower Defense Simulator #shorts

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Hey guys with my short video. Look like there’s something in profile player

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  1. I miss the 2nd revamped grass isle, i used to grind coins for the golden crate there.

  2. Omg puri not woman 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🗿

  3. It was normal since i used old pw map
    As profile picture

  4. I'm sorry but I can't seem to understand your accents

  5. The actual fact why is the profile is old grass isle is because he maybe an og

  6. Wow the old grass isle, now removed 🙁

  7. Im feeling im lucky bc I also got old grass isle in my profile

  8. i remember the old grass isle i got to the final wave on fallen mode on that specific map (unfortunately we lost yes i was playing with some randoms don't ask) and it gives me a little bit of nostalgia thank you 🙂

  9. fun fact when I see my profile on mobile I see grass isle but on pc I see the very very old forest camp (If that’s the name)
    edit: I couldn’t find the picture of the map but I remember it was the oldest forest camp

  10. Well my profile is old badlands and used to be old autumn falling.

  11. Yeah, and for some reason some og players have the "Trick or Treat Town" Even map on there profile


  13. i have the old polluted wastelands as my pfp, wont be changing it.

  14. I found someone with Old badlands profile image in Tds

  15. whenever i click players on tds, i cant seem to view their profiles, any help?

  16. I also saw the old Forest Camp on someone's profile

  17. and nobody noticed the green glowing towrr

  18. i don't know how to animate pls tell me how says:

    frost invasion background became old forest camp

  19. Ngl you sound like a kid with a full nose bc i hear "ile" instead of "isle"

  20. The grass isle thing is just a picture, that doesn't mean the map is still in the game source

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