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Hardcore Triumph With Buffed Towers ONLY And Supports || Tower Defense Simulator

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Cliche’s pov:

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  1. Can u do docs for each strategy u make pls?

  2. Wait, did farms get buffed in the new update?

  3. Pursuit and gold soldier were Definitely buffed to be viable in hardcore

  4. Alternative Title: Nuking Hardcore with Buffed Towers

  5. This what hardcore should have been on the hardcore update from 2020

  6. at this point pursuit solos every gamemode 💀💀

  7. Dude i just finally got in wave 40
    Just use g soldier,g minj,g pyro,ace, and farm 😀

  8. normal youtuber's challenge : beat fallen mode with something
    Eggrypted's challenge : beat hardcore mode with something

  9. This was a much-needed update. I don't want to be "that guy," but the Turret still requires a DPS increase as it is outclassed by many other towers now. Additionally, it can be quite frustrating when someone places it due to its large footprint.

  10. lesson of the video, mortar pursuit and e shocker are goated

  11. I never thought the day whould come how

  12. The fact that pursuit and mortar are both stun proof and with pursuits dps and mortars splash damage Make it a deadly combo, and the fact that they got the boss down to half hp before he made the first major turn is insane because the some of the most expensive towers (golden mini gunner and accel) struggle to do that also while where at it alternate title: buffed towers fight the sun in hardcore mode

  13. Give this man a challenge he can’t somehow beat

  14. who needs ace anymore 💀
    g soldier is just built different

  15. Once someone said that is not possible beat hardcore with no accel and/or engi.
    Eggrypted prove it wrong

  16. this man kinda used a similar thing to what i did when doin this but i lost wave 50 but for early its around the same but 1 defends until 12 also we had pursuits more infront and moved our stuff earlier]

  17. The void reaver is begging for mercy man

  18. at this rate hardcore will be easy💀💀

  19. I jave the same skin on my electro 😮😮

  20. Remember kids if u see a void reaver get pursuit mortar rockets and soldier Hé will die

  21. the old phrase of saying : u need hardcore towers to beat hardcore is no more

  22. heh everybody gangsta when using pursuit until a circuit speeds up another circuit

  23. TheBestAdvocateInOhio (nautilus gaming) says:

    And someone still thinks that Sledger is better than Electroshocker…

  24. i love music what is name music?

  25. Pov: Below on his way to nerf them again to the ground

  26. The pursuit buff isn’t the problem truly I think they just need to make Void’s Deathwish above average instead of average and solo hardcore will cease to exist and stuff like this will be harder

  27. Is it just me or does the music feel like Calamity mod music but remixed?

  28. @Eggrypted can u make a strategy document for this pls this is an actual strat and i and my friend all have all the buffed towers

  29. Is the strat writen down somewhere?im gona need it coz i joined tds in 2020 and still cant beat hardcore

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