Grubby | "Element Tower Defense!" | Warcraft 3 -

Grubby | “Element Tower Defense!” | Warcraft 3

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Element Tower Defense (Game played on 11-December-2018)

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  1. sc2 has this map, and it plays out way better due interface. test it out there

  2. life tower…
    or money making is the key

  3. Hey, how do you play with other people with Warcraft 3 now? It used to be Garena for me but now anymore, I'm in the USA now. What's the popular server here?

  4. This way of playing pretty much displays the brilliance on WC3. You put a lot of effort into a small (usually forgotten) detail, to get a small advantage, which eventually builds up and gives you a large advantage.

    Any plans to play more custom games? Perhaps some good old castle fight.

  5. There, I've watched it! Are you happy now, Youtube?!

  6. People that understand math always knew this is the way… others will never think of it..

  7. It seems like at the later stages you are holding onto a lot of extra cash even though yopu were almost leaking. Don't you think you would've been better off building more flesh golems or one more slow? Or was that kinda greed trying to keep gold advantages?

  8. 3:18 ffs hold the shift key if you are going to build same building over and over again.

  9. I learned something new today. Used to play this map before. Brings back memories 🙂

  10. I remember playing this over a decade ago. It looks like it hasn't updated since. The selling strat was something I used too, but only for the first several rounds. I would not be able to keep up with this apm at all, so after the first several rounds it becomes tedious. Instead, I would aim for using the least amount of money to clear waves. Building only 2 towers that were capable of clearing an entire wave, knowing what the elemental weaknesses are to save money on some waves, and knowing what combo towers are the most effective for their cost. A lot of strategy over apm, but essentially still utilizing that interest rate bonus as much as possible.

  11. He lost because he didn't believe in the golems lol

  12. Can we make one day in the week with custom maps? 😀 Come on just one hour. Its so fun to watch!

  13. 4 minutes in I'm getting anxiety attacks watching this.
    Not for me sorry…

  14. this just one of the playstyles…honestly havent been able to pull this of in hard

  15. when you chose the elementals I can go over 5000+ ronalds.
    first you make only the towers that give extra money on kill and then the ones that give extra lives

  16. Your on normal mode. You don't need to buy and sell to get extra cash to win on normal. It's a waste of time.

  17. That playstyle just made this video unnecessarily stressful. No fun at all.

  18. i use volcano tower and earthquake tower combo . then summoned viper

  19. What Element TD version is this exactly? I wanna download it.

  20. Dude what's up with the selling? you're wasting so much money.

  21. Those golems are op…. 9k damage for only 1k gold is just insane since other 1k gold towers do like 1k dmg…. 🙂

  22. Compound interest truly is the strongest force in the Galaxy x)

  23. Hello , is it possible to play with bots ? can you share a link pls

  24. how is this worth when selling elemental tower only give back 75%

  25. If this map was made by a European interest rate would be negative

  26. the people that make tower defenses simply don't get what made these maps fun: diversity in towers, many relatively easy waves with much income to do stuff. It's so sad that I cant find a standalone game that has that

  27. Is been more then 12 years I last played WCTD

  28. Way back in the day wc3 online was my main game, most of the time I’d be playing tower defense. Elemental was really fun and I remember a pretty fun yugioh TD lmao those were the days, carefree kid playing wc3 all day

  29. As a SC2 player, I hate it so much that the WC3 version is better looking.
    But at least the WC3 is also better looking than the standalone version on Steam.

  30. Guys i've got it how to win while selling element tower. Your hand must be fast to make it. For sure will make it until level 60.

    – 1st Phase: Buy and sell like grubby for cannon or arrow.
    – 2nd Phase: After element tower received, you can change it with element tower. If the creeps are weak against any element you have, just change it to cannon/arrow.
    – 3rd Phase: most probably you have received all element level 1. Build the upgraded tower (like hydro tower for earth element) on the lowest part of the maps. So that you have time to buy and sell tower.

    3rd Phase you can buy and sell element tower after the each creeps end. Build the tower that are strong against each creep.

    The flow of element creeps are as follows:

  31. " Why are you cheating " I hate those ppl ;x

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