Green Natural Orb is Broly's 69th BUFF on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Green Natural Orb is Broly’s 69th BUFF on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Green Natural Orb is Broly’s 69th BUFF on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Mc challenge!
    Goku 6, naruto 6, luffy 6, ichigo 6, Bulma 5, and eren or smth

  2. Alternativa title : old sukuna getting another buff

  3. WERE IS ESDEATH SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bro they really want this man into the meta oml

  5. Snow maybe you didn't noticed but his dmg per wave actually became bigger it just still showed up as 301 every wave

  6. Broly is angry he is not peace my man he do be going out there spamming hes AOE DO U GET IT

  7. Could you possibly do a leaderboard run tutorial

  8. Imagine they make an orb that lets goku go blue and 1000X INCREASE LOL IMAGINE THE DRAGON BALL TEAM RISING AGAIN

  9. Snow do you speak another language only asking bc of your accent I wouldn’t know if you said it before bc I haven’t been watching for that long

  10. Did you know that anime figthers will be back in sunday 4 pm

  11. Play artifacts simulator again when the new update come

  12. Will you ever upload dq or world zero content again?

  13. I'm starting to think that broly is ast favorite character in all star

  14. Request video:make 32 lvl 120 6 star naruto gang

  15. The old day when i grinding gem at story' mode for got him

  16. Most of the video I was yelling, "UPGRADE THE LAST BROLY FOR THE DAMAGE!!!" But then I realized it didn't matter


  18. bro stop buffing him no matter how you buff him he still be bad except if you make him get 69k damage per waves or higher just give him a 6s broly green monkey :>

  19. Broly after another buff: pls stop giving me steroids and let me be.

  20. POV : you're snowRBX and you just heard that level cap on units has increased to 120 : visible pain

  21. They gonna buff broly after seing this video XD

  22. Broly is here getting buffs meanwhile gogeta is staying there being uncannon

  23. Snow uhhh you forgot to upgrade half of the brolies

  24. Lvl 1 players have 5 star broly but they sell it but my react your vid and not do it now

  25. Lol I used broly in inf mode and they did 10,000 dmg (without erwin buff or orb) (lvl 53)

  26. Broly was never on meta, because 5 star friezer was outstanding him. The only one thing that made him "good" unit was his full AOE, but that's all.

  27. Did snow even realise that he didn't upgrade the last 2 brolys

  28. Wait for broly to become the most buffed and powerhouse unit

  29. They should make it so that every wave is a new buff

  30. Broly gets stronger as he fights in anime so it makes sense. after this guy dies again he will comeback updates later

  31. I want his next buff to be +50 range + 100k dmg and -6 spa so its ACTUALLY reliable again and upgrade his orb ofc + 4k dmg every wave

  32. Oh yeah, Broly. I remember using him on the bleach map.

  33. if the orb effected the growth it would be 7374.5 at lvl 80

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