Green Circle Tower Defense v9.9 #2 -

Green Circle Tower Defense v9.9 #2

ibidop warcraft
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Version Green Circle TD Version v9.9
Map info: httpswc3maps.commap192396Green_Circle_TD_v9.9_sus
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  1. You did not take a look monster's armor when you build tower, did you? I do not know, you try to play a game harder than normal or something else, hero monster you need to build chaos tower, i did not see you build any chaos tower. The monster kid, you just upgrade single chaos tower lv2 and you can kill it easily. This map you play 14 time. I saw that. Siege tower can do splash damage, up to max so powerful, and rock tower save your gold to up at the end (100k) or Single shot tower is good too. I saw you build 3 or 4 multiple shot tower near the entrance (for what?), they do no damage when you reach high lv of monster.

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