Great New Roguelike Tower Defense! | Let's Try Isle of Arrows -

Great New Roguelike Tower Defense! | Let’s Try Isle of Arrows

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Build an impenetrable fortress, tile by tile. Place buildings, build roads, and expand your isle to defend against waves of invaders in this roguelike fusion of tower defense and board game.

The Let’s Try series is a way to preview / review games in order to get my first impressions through the first moments of gameplay.

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  1. Rogue tower 2? This game seem much more harder to play. Im gona try it too

  2. I just want you to know I love your videos so much. They’re always really entertaining and enjoyable!

  3. The real enemy in this game is the city council. I had to go to the black market to buy a one block long strech of straight road.

  4. You can't place tiles adjacent to open roadends even with bombing.

  5. I always love to see a roguelike twist on a classic genre! This feels kind of like ORX, but simpler and more random. I am absolutely here for it.

  6. I really enjoyed this video. would love to see more of this game

  7. What I really love is that health isn't just your standard health, but can be used as a resource in a way, such that you sacrifice a bit but might gain more economy if you didn't place tiles before.

  8. This game is super fun to watch! Please make this a series

  9. He never plays any ios games I can’t use a pc or buy one so I’m on ios and he dosnt ever choose a ios game

  10. So many neat looking Tower Defense Roguelites coming out lately

  11. I would love to see more of this it is so cool

  12. LOVED this oine! going to check it on steam

  13. Definitely interested in seeing more of this! Love new takes on tower defense games!

  14. I like this and I will give it a try myself. Thanks for bringing some exposure to this game

  15. Why can't you place water on water?… feels like you should be able to

  16. You've convinced me never to play this. Just looks annoyingly frustrating just working out basic mechanics.
    Great vid though.

  17. Oh, dear. I do not have time for more games… and yet…

  18. Theres so much i like about this game.

    The meta progression isn’t a series of passive bonus effects, you don’t get to make a choice in when and what you unlock, and it looks like it’s just based on how far you make it in the individual campaigns.

    The longevity in the game looks like it comes from completing multiple campaigns.

    I’m sure the meta unlocks do provide more power to your runs, but I don’t think the power boosts can really be that significant since these are all cards that may or may not show up in your next run anyway.

    But it’s refreshing to see a tower defense in this style, and one where you physically choose how to expand your roads is a neat idea as well. No random splits at bad times causing you to instantly lose. No meta progress where your towers all just gain more damage passively at the start of the run.

  19. Oh my god, I had you at 2x speed off the start of this video and it made me realize they're doing the play on words where "Isle of" = "I love"..

  20. that was a nice video it definitely helped out, thankyou so much and you just earned a sub

  21. I cringe when streamer doesn't see the two water adjacent tiles at the northeast side of his isle at around 42:00 (:

  22. The tile you set to gain the treasure would've been very nice to extend your second path.

  23. We obviously didn't play the same game!
    How can people praise this pile of 💩!?

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