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[Golden Thaumaturgy]Solo Hard Mode XK Class Extreme SCP Tower Defense

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Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. Evolved Hammer down just got nerfed…

  2. lol i love how he removed coffee machine in his loadout ever since he used the gadget
    But wait… he loves coffee..

  3. Also the quality of your videos are really good for how small of a youtuber u are

  4. oh wow i actually suggested this i dont know if it was just a coincidence but if not im glad to help you and many other people!

  5. its a buff / nerf even though the nerf is worse

  6. Not going to lie the SCP:RP are the one's I like better but you made me tryout SCP tower defense so thank you and maybe can I play with you in SCP:RP it's alright if you don't want to.

  7. Can other people pick up the gold pieces that come out of the emeie

  8. you can replace jeager bomber and samsara use dr gerald and hammer down instead if you are a player who didn’t actually play this game properly and got currency from daily rewards even tho you struggle much more because you dont have aoe you still win if you spam tons of hammer downs

  9. I don't use jaguar bomber because the stun mess up my gold thing so instead I use Gerald.

  10. Something sus happen I place 6 goc instead of five I can place more than 6 but Idk what the limit cuz I don't have enough money sussy game 🤨🤨🤨

  11. btw now u can easily solo this without GOC. I haven't tested without Samsara, but it probably works if you replace it with like Able. Blood Hunters on the table, Able/Samsara on the front turn, and a tickle monster boosting both of them. If you want, you can spam Hammer Downs or something within the Tickle Monsters range as Absorb bait and extra dmg.

  12. Oh i thought they nerfed it's damage/dps/range lol

  13. Oh thank you for this! I appreciate that you speak calmly and clearly, compared to alot of louder YouTubers who get hyped up and stuff.
    This is a very helpful video 👍

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