Gladiator vs Golden Scout which is better? | Tower Defense Simulator -

Gladiator vs Golden Scout which is better? | Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. yeah yeah we get it, you can get a world record only if u spend robux

  2. although gladiator won but it only can get by event and p2w

  3. Hello lotek
    Btw last few months ago i've been tired of this cuz im bored

  4. anyone who says Golden scout is better is envious

  5. when gladiator is good then Golden scout

    But dont have gladiator 💀

  6. Golden scout actually beat the boss first. 
    There’s more gold scouts placed and gladiator costs more.
    Maybe gladiator just got to wave 40 faster. I’d say gold scout won, it’s also obtainable,
    unlike the gladiator which can only be bought when the devs need to pay bills.

  7. gladiator's slightly faster, but requires micro. Also can only be obtained by spending money.

    Gscout has less DPS and crowd control, but can preform about the same with support, needing much less micro, plus it's free if you grind enough.

  8. Gladitor didn't just beat molten, It absolutely DESTROYED IT IN 11 MINUTES

  9. I say golden scout is better bc you still can get it from golden crate and gladiator cost bobux.
    You know why most people doesnt have bobux

    Edit : gladiator gamepases is kinda rare , you need to wait around 4 -> 6 month to get gladiator gamepases

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