Ghost DJ Vs Plushie DJ Skin (Tower Defense Simulator) | Roblox -

Ghost DJ Vs Plushie DJ Skin (Tower Defense Simulator) | Roblox

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  1. how could y’all compare something so badass and cool with just a plushie skin

  2. ill say Ghost DJ cuz Plushie Skin are expensive!

  3. I have the plushie skin but I like the ghost dj more

  4. Ghost dj in my opinion it’s design is better and it’s music is better

  5. 3 ..
    Ghost DJ VS Plushie DJ
    Lvl-0-Plushie DJ
    Lvl-1-Plushie DJ
    Lvl-2-Plushie DJ
    Lvl-3-Ghost DJ
    Lvl-4-Ghost DJ
    LVL 5-Ghost DJ
    Music-Plushie DJ
    DJ looking-Level 0-5 Ghost DJ-Level 0-4 Plushie DJ
    Music Tool-Plushie DJ level 0-2
    Ghost DJ-Level 0-5
    Total points…
    Plushie-10 Points!
    Ghost-13 Points!

  6. i like more plushie dj, because i don't have ghost dj, lol

  7. Nah for people who didn’t played as ghost DJ was there ( I really regret it that I missed ghost DJ ) I still more like plushie DJs design and song is funkier for more fun

  8. Plushie Dj sounds more like a Reason 2 Die: Awakening (r.i.p) Boss.
    Ghost Dj sounds like it could be its own song and used in the games trailer.

  9. Man i wish u got the ghost dj and now ive think of that i shouldn't have destroyed my laptop cus i raged yk anger issue man

  10. Ghost is epic
    Plushie dj: p2w or pfu ( pay for useless) or p2l ( pay to lose)
    Am making random thing up

  11. U think it’s coming back on acre update?

  12. People wanting ghost dj for the music
    Custom music gamepass: am I a joke to you?

  13. plushie music better but ghost skin is better, plushie animation is more unique

  14. Ghost dj better spent you whole life savings just for a plushie with a different skin and different music and a different animation for the dj

  15. normal : yay buy dj tower
    neon rave : the only thing OG users know
    cat : ohn no cringe
    ghost : fire but nightmare
    masquerade : nightmare comes out again
    plush : spent money

  16. Im going for ghost dj cuz i dont want to be poor😅

  17. Plushie DJ for the music and ghost for the skin

  18. Ghost DJ is just to flex that you have a really good and fire skin infront of people who really want it but don’t have it

  19. Lvl 4 plushie dj looks like old neon rave dj booth

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