Getting Neon Rave Dj (In Nutshell) - Tower Defense Simulator [Roblox] Memes -

Getting Neon Rave Dj (In Nutshell) – Tower Defense Simulator [Roblox] Memes

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  1. neon rave ain't even that good it's just a reskin smh smh smh

  2. 0:00 – Oh don't worry. I didn't get Neko or Neon Rave. Just got Ace Pilot Militant for my last crate there.

  3. Me who wants Mage Accel. and already has DJ Plush : …What the-

  4. I remember when it was the 2019 winter event and the last reward was a premium crate, and I got it first try

  5. Despite having neon rave dj I conform this is true

  6. The dump ending: the neon rave dj get a nice look like the old one and he still using neko dj that is cringe

  7. I remenber that I had to waste all my money because I bouth a deluxe crate and ai goted neko dj, so I sold my soul to get more robux and I finaly goted neon rave dj (more know as neon rave Dick Johnson)

  8. That’s me then I got it I wanted a another skin but I got dj neon but I’m still happy

  9. When you get neon dj in premium crate in 2020: sigma •_•/

  10. The deluxe crate from hardcore gave me rave dj I like it tbh

  11. noobs i got it from premium

  12. do them
    duck a dill dill dill
    say a boy get kill

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