Getting Neon Rave Dj (In Nutshell) - Tower Defense Simulator [Roblox] Memes -

Getting Neon Rave Dj (In Nutshell) – Tower Defense Simulator [Roblox] Memes

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  1. Got it for free first try from frost evasion pass

  2. I got neon rave dj on my first free deluxe crate

  3. The actual lyrics are boy get chill not kill

  4. Fun fact:the boy get killed is prob ghost dj cuz hes ded

  5. i rather use neon dj than neko or ghost. the lyrics are cool though im a boy too

  6. Neon rave dj meant that a boy got a kill and not got killed

  7. Im unboxed like this create but I got the worst it’s the maid commander

  8. Neko dj simps: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
    Engi simps: 🤡👺👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡🤡👺👺🤡👺🤡👺🤡

  9. Anyone else got like 8 premium case and can’t open because you don’t have previous event towers

  10. we the neon is obtained in the premium chest

  11. Man i would rather die if i got neko dj and i would rather be happy if i got neon rave dj

  12. Who said you couldn't rave during the apocalypse?

  13. Good ending u used the custom music gamepass

  14. The lyrics are extremely unaccrate. He’s doesn’t say get kill, she said get chill 🥶

  15. I don't want those skin i want GHOST DJ DAMN THE BEST SKIN

  16. It doesnt really matter what the lyrics are,its how good the music is

  17. people believe on god see neon rave dj lyrics be like:

  18. NEON<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NEKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  19. neon rave ain't even that good it's just a reskin smh smh smh

  20. 0:00 – Oh don't worry. I didn't get Neko or Neon Rave. Just got Ace Pilot Militant for my last crate there.

  21. Me who wants Mage Accel. and already has DJ Plush : …What the-

  22. I remember when it was the 2019 winter event and the last reward was a premium crate, and I got it first try

  23. Despite having neon rave dj I conform this is true

  24. The dump ending: the neon rave dj get a nice look like the old one and he still using neko dj that is cringe

  25. I remenber that I had to waste all my money because I bouth a deluxe crate and ai goted neko dj, so I sold my soul to get more robux and I finaly goted neon rave dj (more know as neon rave Dick Johnson)

  26. That’s me then I got it I wanted a another skin but I got dj neon but I’m still happy

  27. When you get neon dj in premium crate in 2020: sigma •_•/

  28. The deluxe crate from hardcore gave me rave dj I like it tbh

  29. noobs i got it from premium

  30. do them
    duck a dill dill dill
    say a boy get kill

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