Getting Every 7 Star in the New Stardust Banner! (All Star Tower Defense) -

Getting Every 7 Star in the New Stardust Banner! (All Star Tower Defense)

Blam Spot
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Lets get all the new banner units in #allstartowerdefense

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  1. I got 5 Jon jo and no Tanjiro you don't know my pain

  2. I got tanjiro, Jonathan and gohan with just 500 stardust 😅

  3. The only one I missing is littery Jonathan joestar

  4. What is bro doing hes like 25 screaming over lights and games no offense I also dont know how old he is

  5. blam spot looks like a hippie lmao which is cool hippies are cool

  6. Bro i got 3 jonathan ,4 gohan and 2 mochi but no tanjiro.there goes my average luck in astd

  7. Man I got every one of those except the one I want yes it was mochi 🙁

  8. Gohan hates me. I’ve pulled 2 Katakuris and 3 Jonjos, and even pulled Tanjiro, and can’t pull Gohan across 2 banners with him being on them

  9. I got 2 gohan 5 stampede 1 tanjiro 1katakuri 1freezer 1 vegeta 1expert sorcere (i really want jonathan)

  10. funny i got jon jo and mochi on the smae day frist 10 spin of the day to

  11. i got mochi jonathan tanjiro in 1 10x

  12. U so lucky i can't even get any 1 after spending hundreds of star dust 😔

  13. I got all the unit 7 star but i don’t know what to do it with it since my unit doesn’t strong enough to do raid so i keep getting alot of them now i already have 4 tanjiro

  14. I got 2 Mochi, 1 Jon Jo ll, 1 Ikki Potent (Half Masked) and 2 Kogan Adult from my first Wish (Wealth) hour ago, W/L?

  15. Bro only sits around playing games 24/7 his parents should have raised him better

  16. The sad part is thar i spent 1500 stardust and got no tanjiro

  17. Blam pulls a 5 star unit also blam guys I got a 7 star

  18. then there's me. who gets Zoro and accidentally fed him to a different unit

  19. i don't remember getting Tanjiro from the banner and i didn't know that Jonathan was a stardust banner unit then found out yesterday I wanted Tanjiro and found him in my inv the same day, also the same thing happened with Jonathan and Gohan

  20. Bro they aren't seven stars they are 5 stars

  21. Just realized you look like a YouTuber called Sockfor1

  22. Blam kinda hot 😅😅😅😅

  23. Bruuh, now we have "YOOO WAY" not no way xd)

  24. I got tanjiro,Jonathan and mochi but no gohan

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