Genshin Impact Meets Tower Defense (and it's beautiful) -

Genshin Impact Meets Tower Defense (and it’s beautiful)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re playing the new event called Theater Mechanicus.

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  1. So I wasn't dreaming when my chongyun killed the people when they were frozen

  2. Fun fact, you can shut off the bridge when enemies are on it to make them fall down the pit. It's useful for heavy enemies that you can't knock off the normal way.
    EDIT: I typed this before I saw him actually do that.

  3. tip: use geo traveller's e attack to block enemies path, also use his/her sword to knock the enemies back or off the cliff HAHA

  4. dude im writhing in pain at your theater mechanicus setup. especially bc you're sleepin' on the electro mechanici

  5. just go with Hydro and Cryo for early wave

  6. Sucrose is very good to knock them back and do swirl damage 🙂
    I use electro and cryo mechanici for most and few pyro ones for the electro slimes

  7. deos it count when we push them to the edge? because i observe, they would just be respawned back

  8. I would use barbara to add wet status, dilluc to add pyro status and also destroy ice shield hilichurls, Sucrose to push them back or to gather them and ningguang to destroy GEO shield hilichurls.

  9. Claymores are the only characters that can shatter so using keqing…

    yeah no

  10. In my opinion this event is too easy once you have turrets lvld up

  11. Easily afk in this with electro charged and melt moga-chan

  12. Blocking the path with MC geo helps too hehe.

  13. Q: what’s the best characters to pair up with Diona and Aether/Traveler?

  14. 5:05 you could have yeeted that axe dude by using the cube above to close the bridge and drop them

  15. i felt very uncomfortable that he didnt use electro, i use nothing else haha electro and water/ice most auf the time and pryo more seldom and it works so wonderfully thus far :DD

  16. Gotta love Jean and Sucrose in this, love the knock back back into the mechanicus’ or yeeting them off into oblivion

  17. A Keqing main underestimating the electro power. A shame. Electro + Hydro is the best of combos for the big waves. Lots of zaaaps

  18. Electro towers can attack up to three enemies at the same time, have a good range, staggers enemies and can create dots with electro-charged. Sleeping on the electro, Moga

  19. I'm really sad that this isnt going to be a permanent event

  20. Sucrose in this gamemode is OP
    a team with anemotraveler Sucrose Barbara and an archer
    Catalysts are the way

  21. Hey mogwaty I just realized I was watching the same person

    I play TaichiPanda panda and genshin and I just realized I’m watching you for both 😂

  22. Everyone: running around applying elemental stuff

    Me: sit back and watch, use geo traveller to block path if needed (give more time for mechanics to do the kill)

  23. pyro and hydro mechanici are absolutely fucking nutty

  24. Enjoyed the video. Not all physical damage shatters frozen enemies. Only heavy attacks from claymore and any elemental reaction will shatter it.

  25. Me who plays Tower Defense Simulator in roblox:
    I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  26. i thought it's gonna be worse, but once you figure everything out and upgrade your towers it's not that hard to get perfect runs. it's quite nice. i usually use a lot of kaeya and anemo traveler.

  27. Tip as a tower defense god the better strategy would be to defend the meeting point so you don't split up your defense. Also electrical is op it never misses. Pyro is good though as it does the most damage.

  28. moga you should only put cryo and hydro ones they can freese them in their tracks while you also can go ahead and inflict theese elemets into them

  29. Im having so much fun with Jean ^_^, just yeeting everybody around.

  30. Lol imagine advertising a gacha game and then play another gacha game after the Ad XD

  31. Jean is straight busted here. She throws most mobs off into the abyss XD

  32. This shit is so damn confusing idk wtf is going on or what im doing

  33. You should really change teaveler to geo, geo Traveler is OP

  34. Me with at least 8 electro towers: 👁👄👁

  35. just do most water, put some ice and anemo. though the range of the water is small, it deals a lot of damage, freezing them with the ice also helps a lot. also, block them with traveler geo so that they cant go anywhere and still get damage. having a cryo character with you also helps if you don't have enough points to buy ice towers. with anemo, you can do swirl and knockbacks, so that's good. also put some electro in there, maybe 2 or 3, put them in the middle/side. I'm not a theater mechanicus master so idk if you want to use this strategy lol

  36. I'm not a big fan of Tower Defense games, but I must say that this event is really cool especially when you level up pyro and electro its sooo easy 🙂

  37. I hope this becomes a permanent feature

  38. Samachurl: I am Speed!
    Me: Have a land mine
    Gets blown up
    Samachurl: I maybe down but I'm not out
    Me: Another one!

  39. Man I used cryo hydro and electro towers with Barbara and Lisa and few pyro and electro towers a bit further, but nonetheless cryo hydro electro plus Barbara was my go-to

  40. me and my sister did this event by going frozen and overload comp lmao.

  41. “Make them wet with mona”
    -Moga chan 2021

  42. him: very good run
    me:haha crac sot go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  43. 812th comment to inform Moga that "shatter happens when you hit a frozen opponent with claymore/geo/Klee"

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