Gauss Tower Defense Night Gyr Build - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #585 -

Gauss Tower Defense Night Gyr Build – Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #585

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Let’s bring back a classic! The Night Gyr doesn’t see so much play anymore because it lost a lot of it’s former mobility and one of it’s most iconic builds is not viable anymore. However, it’s still a strong Mech that can load a lot of firepower. If you work around the poor mobility with some battlefield overview and sense for dynamic you can make a lot happen.

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2x Gauss Rifle
2x ER Medium Laser
1x ER Large Laser

Import Loadout:

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I am using Haven Kendrick’s Soundpack! Download it here: . To install, simply locate your Mechwarrior Online installation folder, open “Game” and you will see lots of .pak files. Drop the sound mod file into that folder with the other .pak files, restart the client, and you are good to go!

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


  1. Night Gyr is properly pronounced – according to the O.E.D. – "Bob"

  2. Gyration (djai-REH-schon). Gyroscope (DJAI-roh-skop). Night Gyr (NEIT-djair).

    Zugegeben, als ein Amerikaner der in Neu England aufgewachsen ist, meine Meinung dass Englisch meine Muttersprache ist, ist ja berechtigt, aber in gewissen Kreisen, hinterfraglich. Wir sprechen ein bisschen komisch, da im Nordosten. Zumindest, wars so damals, vor 30 Jahren.

    Dooferweise, 'Gyr' ist ein Wort dass mir erst bei der Name diesen 'Mech richtig ins Acht gebracht worden ist. Ich glaube meine Vorlage oben macht die Sache aber Glasklar.

    Aber merke: ich sage Giff, nicht Djiff. Gauss reimt mit Haus. Meine was Du willst darüber.

    Und die NATO fonetische Bezeichnung der 6. Buchstabe ist 'Foxtrot'. Jedesmal Du nur 'Fox' sagst, steigt mir der Geist meine alter Drill Sergeant direkt ins Gesicht und bellt mich an — stumm, aber unüberhörbar. Grundlos und Geisterschütternd. Bitte, Baradul, tu mir dass nicht mehr an!

    The Daily Dose ist einer feste Punkt in meine tägliche Ablauf, und ich bin Dir für die Mühe Du machst sehr dankbar!

    Ach ja: Enforcer (en-FORSS-er). Stress auf die zweiten Silbe.

  3. Talking about heat management being easy to manage and you call it cool completely off the cuff…i bow before your dad joke prowess

    *Baradul '2018

    Thx Baradul!

    Also:"Now that was kind of embarrassing so far. Let's see if we can keep it up!"

    Again: Thx Baradul ;DD


  5. 'Gyr'; pronounced 'Jeeeeeeaaaar!'.
    An onomatopoeia.
    Taken from the sound a Night Gyr pilot makes when trying to turn the damn mech round.

  6. There are no opinions about how to say this word. There is only fact and we go know exactly how it is pronounced in english. The mechs design leads us to positively understand that Gyr is coming from Gyrfalcon, which every dictionary pronunciation website and falconry group will tell you is pronounced "jur" like as in German or gerbil. As a fellow person of germanic decent, you should be not be gaussing about the way to say this word. See what I did there? Another German word that is mispronounced all the time. SEE IT! I will one day educate you all like I have been in regard to other silly things like "tremolo" guitar bridges and "drill bits". The crusade lives on!

  7. @MoltenMetal dont call black people that,racist.

  8. i do not know why but i cannot get my armor to line up with yours

  9. However you say Gyrfalcon. probly the same. Blame those greenheads in Jade.

  10. Used to love my dual gauss/erml Night Gyr… pre massive agility nerf…

  11. its called the nite regurger lol, also i actually maxed the ENTIRE speed tree on my gyr, like every node almost 😀 it seems a lot faster now

  12. You say it as gyro without the o, like saying year.

  13. Now i caled this mech "Найти ГурЪ"😆. My friend called it so with an extremely strong, hypertrophied Russian accent (we are from Russia, and he very much likes the sound of English with a strong "comrade accent"), It sounds really good, – when he pressed "Caps Lock" and said: comrades! "Найти ГурЪ" upon the hill ! , we with the Americans laughed in the voice to the end of the match 😱. Now only "Найти ГурЪ" ☝️!

  14. Satisfying was watching the last seconds of that Firestarter as your twin Gauss kneecapper left it so easy to cripple that it dies to missile fire, gimped and without hope.

    The sooner enemy lights die, the less likely one is to flip the game.

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